Friday, October 9, 2009

last lab for chem 1011 and bio 1011

it's the last lab today .. hurray!!! *cheers*
well, am i suppose to be happy cuz it's the last lab or what?
cuz no need to be afraid of getting the wrong or inaccurate reuslts for the experiment anymore or;
no need to be worried of being the last to finish the exp or;
ne need to do report anymore or;
no need to be questioned or asked to explain the process of certain things in the lab (for plant and animal diversity in BIO 1011 =P)

another things is when the lab ends,
meaning final exam is coming soon *sobs*
and im still unprepared O_o

anyway, everyone are quite ... waht should i call this .... sad?
cuz it's the last lab? (including 40% of me)
hello? this is the only the 1st year and the 1st sem.
it's not like we're not gonna come back anymore...
especially mr Chew JJ.
taking more pictures than i expected =P
make me wanna say "wow!" for him.
he's making things as though we're gonna graduate or sth. =P
*sry to say u like this ?*
nvm, u not gonna read it anyway ... lalala~~

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mid-Autumn Fest

Missing those days playing lanterns at home... haven play lantern for so long... List of reasons: 1) a bit childish to play wif lantern (but i still like to play wif it) 2) nobody wants to play wif me 3) mr tan left me in kch already 4) no lantern in KL to play with (finding excuse of not playing lantern here =P)

BUT then yesterday she invited me to play lanterns lol i used hers of course cuz i dun have one.. and one of it burn down into ashes lol

i still have lots of lanterns at home all in big plastics bags... dunno whether those kiddy play wif it or burn down any of it or not i hope that won't happen *cross my fingers*

last time i used to play lantern alot wif mr tan and he even used his mini bino to watch the moon... to check out whether anyone is on the moon or not (eg. wu gang chopping the tree, a rabbit and chang er) of course those are juz myth lol
ps: amyone who read this plz dun tell mr tan that i said sth about this =P

i used to have the kind of lantern that never burn down the electronic one that can cause sound pollution if everyone around the neighborhood are using it together at a time =P but now most of them are spoiled in a way that either the bulb burns out
sth to do wif the wire
or the battery not working for the lantern anymore.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cyclig at Bukit Cahaya

this morning went cycling at Bukit Cahaya... which i never been there b4
the weather is nice in the morning.. not too sunny and no rain =)
good day!
there's lots of different parks there
some are being abandoned
some are fake which is different from what it suppose to be
but still have a great day there.

1st went to the animal garden i see:


can u spot the deers? they camouflage themselves with the tree trunk =P

porcupine (they are so smelly)


then went to the fishing lake

4 season house
(where u can only find one season inside - summer)

mushroom park where u can't find any mushrooms there.
and there's a tree house there.. there's a nice view from the tree house. =)

orchid park and hydroponic house that's being abandoned
(i didn't took pic of it)

went to Taman Rempah Ratus
and found that they planted this there
i called this "Rebina plant"

cycling down the hill was dangerous but fun
while cycling up the hill is way tired
and we ended up pushing our bikes along =P

this time my holiday is quite fun compared to last time
more outings hehehe...

and i guess this should be how we gonna celebrate the mid autumn festival here

Monday, September 28, 2009

Field Trip (doing sampling)

went for another field trip with mr tan and his 3 other friends today
today's hiking is more challenging than the one in F.R.I.M. ...
lots of big rocks and stones... no pathway to walk up (meaning we need to find our own way up ==!!! ) and more leeches too (according to mr tan and Chris, his fren from Australia), luckily we're all some from them V^w^V
i heard they say the place where they take samples is near Dr Cathy's house, well i have no idea about that. all i know is juz sit in the car and mr tan leads the way... muahaha

pictures time!!!

it's so hard to walk up these rocks.. luckily there's rope to help us up (sum1 must have purposely tied it there) ... after that no ropes be seen any more ==!!!

it's so hard to walk with so many big rocks

we found someone purposely put a bottle or perfume in the forest with rocks ... weird person

they're taking some sample of water and leaves

we see sth ..oh, i spot a camera!!!

Chris for Australia looks kinda like english version of PCK.. lol..
too bad that he didn't wear the yellow boots.
we all laugh so hard after he put on mr tan's construction helmet.
and all the car driver passed by looked at him =P

after we're done, all our shoes are soak.
sand enter even we're wearing covered shoes.
and my pants are wet until the knee part.
too bad it rain half way, so we cannot go further up to look at the lake.
so we get back to the car asap!!

tomorrow mr tan going to Kuala Selangor (peat swamp), i want to follow too but he say not suitable for me.. oh well, maybe juz take a day off then =P

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trip to FRIM

1st hiking trip in KL .... been so long here and this is my 1st hiking... weee....
i think at 1st mr tan scared to let me go... maybe cuz
he thinks he need to look after me? or
he thinks i might get bitten by insects like leeches?? eeewww....
forget about it .. nw that im really going to FRIM V^w^V

took some pictures there.. the forest is amazing...
the weather is fine.. it's good that it doesn't rain...
if it rains... juz shout "GO AWAY U UGLY, SLIMY LEECHES!!" then run
cuz all of them will come out chasing after human, searching for food (human's blood)
leeches= vampire's best friend =P

and i saw a leech...
its not as fat (or huge) as our thumb and ugly
the one i saw is thin but still ugly

1st stop.. the giant bamboo and everyone are fascinated by it ...

and they called this "sth- footprint" (ghost footprint if im not mistaken) cuz it shaped like a footprint

then took pictures of some plants and flowers

and mushrooms...

and mini waterfall

after that when to Megan's place (friend from Australia) to drop her off. and saw sth interesting on her food menu.

then laslt is HOME!!!
need a shower!!!

ps: more pic on facebook ^^ *smile*
next tiem if there's another hiking and mr tan is going and im free .. i might consider it

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

another failure T^T

i dun like lab session a lot.
bcuz.. either
fell so geram lah...
other than that .. everything is juz nice.

frm the 1st chm practical until the last one (total of 7 practicals) .. i can say is 60% of our data are wrong.
then ended up altering the results a bit here and a bit there, which is bad. =(

today is the worst, no to mention that we got a slight different results frm other groups again (as usual)
we don't have enough time to write down all our results. (the lab assistant keep shoo-ing us to leave and we didn't manage t make for the stats class ==!!)
*evil lab assistant*
everything seems to be rushing!!!
we written down the results for out raw data, handed in, BUT FORGET TO MAKE A COPY FOR OURSELVES!!! this is disastrous!! until around 4.30pm then we realise that.
asked from other guy, who did the exp together wif us (cuz he doesn't have a partner), he didn't copy down his results into his book. (but still good he did with us or else we don't couldn't even finish all th exp)
Rachel and i was like "WHAT?!" O_o
omg, this is bad... what to do? what to do?
then we need to try look for the demo to get out raw data. T_T
but then who knows the demo wasn't around cuz it's 5pm already.. they mostly went home already.

need to think of an excuse to get our raw data... hmm...
ok, how bout this :
"we need to check our results again cuz me and my partner got copied a different result."
how bout that?
would she buy this excuse or not??? eee...

don't bother , this is the last pratical for chem, either i screw it up or not.

p/s: thx rachel for the " 香饼“ u gave me...that's so nice of u ^^

Monday, September 21, 2009


哗。。。 太旧美协blog了。快又四个月了。

每个星期要完成marketing的submission, 完成两个lab report, 两三个online quiz (bio, chem, stats), l大楷两个星期前才完成bio essay (导致班上好多人睡眠不足, 个个都带着熊猫脸去上课)

现在是因为Hari Raya 放假,加上才做完marketing的submission, 才跑过来看看自己的blog。 写完blog后,又继续做marketing的essay了。这个essay和submission不一样。所以,加油吧!!! 干才跑去看海带的blog, 发现她也很少去邪不落了。。。 大家开始有忙碌的生活了。。。
哦。。。不!!! 我不要这样子!! 太辛苦了吧! 没办法。。 忍!!

在大学交到的新朋友比期再college交到的还多哦!! 还不错!

老实说,我有时候会有点不喜欢去lecture class.
有时会有点压力。。。因为班上有所位的“Star Student" 。。。 而他们又是自己的不熟朋友。
有时老是问问题他们几乎都会回答。。。 根本就是外星人嘛。。。 天啊。。

每次online quiz 时,尤其是bio, 都很紧张,因为有时间限制。(10 问题,12 分钟)虽然使open book, 但一开始做时,连东西没找到就是见到了 。 天啊。。。 根本就是连book都不用open嘛。
所以呢,这个时候就是“出外靠朋友” 的意思啦!!多人,多脑,快想,多手去google 答案.=P

考试快到了。。 。非常害怕。。。 为自己加油!!! 

Friday, June 5, 2009

Finals Is OVER!!!

hurray!!! my finals is finally over!!!
i've been waiting for this day for so long...
more than a week after my previous test... this is totally mad!!

but b4 my last paper... uncle came over, together with those 3 noisy and uncontrollable counsins...
and at the same time im resting for my last paper...
maybe i should say they didn't come over when im having my exam going on.
so even they really are noisy, it won't really affect my study progress yet.
then after they left, i still have 1 extra day day to concentrate on. ^^

after exam.. i can do whatever i want now...
*continue watching my series
*playing my psp
*dl-ing songs n games
*watching movies
*reading my story books
*looking for camera (under consideration, i really really want a real camera!!! @_@ pls buy me 1)

i saw a camera advertisement,
it's a touch screen digital camera.
Nikon Coolpix S230 with LCD screen, 10 MP and 3x optical zoom.
and the most amazing thing is u can modify your picture on the camera!!
it worth roughly less than rm 1000!!!
hope i get one.. @_@


Thursday, May 28, 2009

tHe dAy beFOre our fiNaLS

My MAths B Gang

"Snowman" n Miss Pang

Melissa , Snowman n Rachel (the innocent lamb)

are they trying to make an ET finger touch??


i look like their wall for them to lean on... hahaha

the cute ones

Snowman n melissa .. juz normal

what are they doing???
ballerina? headache? thinking? innocent look?

put your hands up and don't move!!

Snowman, Carina (the hyper1), Bee Shan (the smart 1), Rachel (the innocent 1), Melissa (the cute 1)

Long Time No "Write"

Since the last blog .. i haven't been blogging here for almost a month!!
it's not that i got tired of blogging or sth ....
i've busying" studying" for the topic test and preparing for the final exam... (it's not the im a nerd, studying all the time ok??=P i wanna have some fun too... @_@)
btw, college life seems to be getting monotonous now, what am i gonna write in my blog??

every day the same routine,
having lunch at the same place (thank God it didn't get to eat the same food for lunch every day.. phew... )
everyday doing the same work,
and almost every morning need to sneak in my backpack into the library, which makes me look like im smuggling sth illegal. ==!!!

well as usual the day b4 our finals, every one from our course are busy taking pictures.
It's like photo taking day with teachers ands friends.
I kinda like that kind of feeling in anyway.
watching ppl taking pictures here and there. snap! snap! snap!

last time, i feel like everybody is leaving college and going to uni..
and wanna join them but time seems to be running slow... need to stuck in college for another semester...
but now, when it's time for me to complete my college life.. it feels like wanna extend my semester, spending more time in college. im still in the college life in my heart. ^^
I know it's impossible to do so. We need to keep moving forward!! That's how human live until now!

actually few months ago, me and buddies are having a mix feeling. the feeling of confusion that cannot be explained in words.
well, we dunno whether it is to be HAPPY of going to Monash soon and starting to get WORRIED of the studies there.
and HAPPY that we're gonna graduate in no time or SAD that we're leaving college soon.

and another thing is Mr Tan said the course in want in Monash might not be good. so he suggested me to look for other uni. i was like ok~~
but the course is in Moansh.. should be good right.. Monash is a well known Uni, should be any problem with their course right. or it's juz rumours spreading??
who cares??
i wanna go Monash!
i wanna continue my studies there!
i dun want any other option like UCSI and ... (i dunno what's the name of another Uni)!!
i wanna be persistant of my choice!!
eventhough it's not good, im gonna work hard like a nerd!!

ok. i guess i can do it now... my confidence is being boosted up!!

thinking of this right b4 my finals is giving me a headache.
and this causes me having constipation for few days bcuz im stressing out already!!!
another problem had arisen, the Queen of my fanily suggested my to study overseas. well u know where it is lah.. the same old place that never been change.. that's righ---> CND again..
well, this time is not as "harsh" as last time already.
im juz telling her i'll think about that.
and i've checked that the uni over there doesn't really have the course that i want.
if i really going to study overseas. then i might make a second thought of the course.
or after i graduate from malaysia then i work overseas lor... unless the pay in malaysia is extreamly high then i remain here...
if not i might think of plan B. and the statement above might be my plan B... *thinking*
and this story will keep on repeating until the day i got married i guess... =P

nvm, im confident with myself and most of all, im confident of the course im taking.
prepare to face it "FOOD SC".. meet your worst nightmare, which is ME!!! muahahaha....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

HoW impOrtaNt WATER is??

now i realise how important water is to me, i mean us?
without water everything is like done half way.
without water a lot of things cannot be done.
without water u might smell uncomfortable cuz cannot take shower.
without water it feels like dehydrated even for 1 day.
i want


since the day b4 yesterday, all the residence staying at my block doesn't have any water supply.
due to, water paip repairing... this is sucks!!
causes all of us does have water at all!!!
1 day maybe i'll still consider that .. BUT it's like 3 days already!!!
imagine that! 3 days without water supply.
how are ppl here gonna survive??
even the notice they notify us are fake one. It says sth like:
there will not be water supply from 25th March (10am) till 26th March (10pm) due to water paip under construction or sth.
today is already 27th.. Hello?? where is the water?

in the end mr tan and i need to use Aunty's K.L. house to take shower.
if not i really cannot tahan the stinky smell on me lah.

then i accidently left my towel at her house... silly me ==!!!
need to wait until other time to get it from her lor...

howeve,r on 26th that night around 8pm i think.
1st i was happy thinking that yeah, finally got water supply, then quickly go an take a nice shower.
but the water flow is still very slow, thank God it's enuf for us the take a nice shower.
then it flows out the dirt water and slowly getting more.
who knows the next morning i woke up, no water flow from the water tap when i want to wash my face!!!
what's wrong with all these ppl!!!
u they realise we need water!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Sweet 19th B'day

hurray... my b'day is here!!!
im the 1st among my friends from college to celebrate b'day this year
and this is the 1st time i celebrate my b'day with friends here in KL
now that's sth new and different

this year i got sth different from college on my b'day that day. This year:
*i got a really really got results for my maths A topic test 2 ...
even i don't believe it!!! i score full marks for the topic test weee~~
*i suppose to have another topic test for maths B but i postponed to the next day... so i dunno whether it a good news or a bad news. (the good news is i have 1 day extra to prepare for it; bad news is i wanna quickly get over with the topic test cuz i've been spending the whole holiday revising on it!!)
*i got to celebrate with my friends this year. last year?? no. cuz my b'day last year falls on the oreintation day for pre-U. so haven made any friends yet.

btw, tq for all my friends who gave me b'day wishes and b'day presents.
im so touched...@_@
i received all yr blessings through sms V^o^V

one more things im very happy with is that
yeah.... i love u bro!!
well, im suspicious that u actually didn't know that day is my b'day..
not until mum remind u about it...
hmm... any way im still happy of it *吃在嘴里,甜在心里*

then on friday,
Rachel and Eli plan to go pyramid shopping as to celebrate my b'day since we can't do it on my b'day that day.
so after class, we eat at the school cafeteria.
and i tried sth new : Chicken & Cheese Phrata
taste unique. and lots of cheesy cheese inside.
not bad. maybe next time if i have another chance, i'll try Peanut Chocolate crispy ^^ yummm~~

McFlurry>>> very nice *thumbs up*
tq Eli and Rachel

again. tq everyone for wishing happy b'day.
*God Bless Us All*

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Food Coming!!

1st time to cook steam fish...
hmm... not bad...
doesn't have any funny taste...
juz nice...
mr tan didn't or give any comment about the fish i steamed anyway...

i give myself 85% for my new food!! ^^

ingredients :
-fish (the most important 1 of course)
-sliced ginger
-sour plum
-oyster sauce

walah.. the fish is ready to be served after it is cooked.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1 Week Break

another boring week break...
this time my week break gonna be a bit different...

not consider as boring as b4...
last time i stayed at home almost everyday a week...
either sitting in front on the com or watching tv...

well this time, im still doing the same thing but i add in more activities in this week break, like:
*continuing my bio research
*going back to library in college with 张楠these few days to study my math test
*cleaning the house
*study some more at home

ooh~~ everytime when holiday comes i feel like lazing around at home...
not studying for topic test... (maybe i'll consider of doing homework and complete my research, but not studying... pls...)

math B topic test 2 is juz right on my b'day that day...
what a coincidence ?? and a big "present" too. ==!!!
i can't have a bit of joy for the day b4 my b'day ...(cuz studying to be prepaid for the test next day... jeezz)
actually 张楠 even more hard woking...
she's going back to college everyday during this week break...
and as for me .. hehe.. im juz only the 三天打鱼,两天赛网type. (should learn more from her)

this month (month of March) gonna have lots of topic test coming right up for me...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Crime Case

Venue : College Library (THOL) at the "pigeon hole"
Time : 9.45am- 11am
Victim : Legna (aka Sum N.L.) my friend and another unknown person
Case Info: Bag is different position when she got to the "pigeon hole" (where students are suppose to put their bags b4 entering the library). Realize sth must have gone wrong. Like someone must have touched her bag. 2 wallet got stolen. A total of roughly rm1oo "fly fly away" including IC, Student ID, Library card, driving license L gone.. all gone.. good thing she bring in along her handphone and her pendrive along with her into the library that time if not i bet her handphone would be gone too. As for the unknown person, his laptop got stolen any how. Pity for him.

i understand how she fells that time... fells like empty inside...
with the whole wallet gone together with het IC and Student ID and other got stolen is like part of yrself dosapppear too. worse comes to worse when yr IC is gone or stoeln or anything, u still need to make a police report then pay again to renew a IC. This is damn troublesome.

last time, i was lucky enough that only my cash got stolen and not the whole wallet cuz my IC and Student ID are in the wallet too.
If they also took my IC away. then i still need to purposely fly back to kch and make a new one.
In the end, i need pay extra for the flight to and for.
Thank GOD..Thank GOD..

during lunch time, she was like cursing the theif!!! well, i join her too...
but didn't curse that serious. i can hear her keep cursing the thief "die die"...
that sounds too harsh... don't u think??

but later on, she sms us that she was informed that her wallet was found...
i dunno how and where did they found her wallet. (gonna ask her tomorrow)
The only thing is that her IC and everything are safe and sound in where they belongs to except for the money..
all the money are gone that's all.
i wonder whether she got back both of her wallet or only 1 wallet???

another reminder:
If possible never ever put yr bag in the "pigeon hole" of the library. Worse comes to worse.. bring along yr phone and wallet and anything u that precious.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Fortunate Financial Lost

went to the library early in the morning as usual
waiting outside the library for it to open at 8.30am

doing my work in the library of course...
then almost time to get ready for class...
to the "pigeon hole" where we put our bags...
notice my bag is open lose...
was thinking, "i thought i zip up my bag b4 i left?? nvm, maybe i forgot to sip up that time."
somehow, the 1st thing came into my mind is check yr wallet.
damn it.. my cash are gone!!! only left coins in it.
im not use of bringing my wallet around especially to public places like the library...
b4 that day
nth went wrong with my things like gone or sth for the past 1 year in college...
except for today ==!!!

then i saw another zip of my bag is like half unzip...
ok~~ i suspect that my money must have been stolen....
totally stun that time... dunno what happen? or what am i going to do...
i didn;t report my missing money...
cuz that im highly confirm that my money won't be back even i report...
plus the person who stole it must have gone far away...
forget it!!!

it's fortunate for me that the person didn't take away the whole wallet cuz i might have need to go police station make report then need to pay for the lost again...
like redo my ic and student card and so on...
and it's fortunate that the person left the coins for me....
it's about rm2 coins there...
and i didn't bring much money too...
roughly a total of rm30++ lost... <<>

still thinking of my money while walking on the way to the class....
so sienz...

^#*%&^$#scolding the person*%*^%)(^#!@+=
all the way until i got home in the afternoon

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trip 2 tHe ParkS

phew... after a morning test for maths A, shall i zoom forward to my HAPPY HOUR.
well, at least i can have a little bit of fun after the maths test right?? at the same time, it's time for a small relaxation.
btw, ever since Allison and Prior came over to KL i haven got the chance to hang out wif them . what's the point?? They're having great time with Mr Tan bringing them to the fun places that i might never been to and im juz staying at home preparing for the test. Jesus... i wanna have some fun too @_@

so Mr Tan bring us to the Butterfly park with all sorts of exotic butterflies there.
Pretty butterflies with nice flowers there.
Some caterpillars and giant millipede there which is disgusting and gives me the goosebumps.
add on some tortoise there which scares me away from them

after visiting the Butterflies Park.. next stop will be the Bird Park.
that's the World's Largest Bird Park if u didn't know about that.
it much more larger than we expected.
Yeap, all kinds of birds inside with shits fallen on the ground almost everywhere.
lucky i didn't get any shit on me. muahaha.... none of us did.
lucky for us.
i'll upload some pictures after i got them from mr tan....

*Happy Valentino*

wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day today
everywhere is full of hearts and love and sweet chocolates and teddy bears...
it's like love is in the air everywhere... hehe...

my college is like really freak out with the up coming Valentine's Day...
looking forward for the up coming Day...
Sweet Day for the couples
Joyous Day for the family
Single (or what i call as sth normal) Day of course for those who are single

almost everywhere in the college can see students setting up their booth selling Valentine's thingy or organizing some special Valentine's activities... like for example...
the most obvious one is selling Valentine's thingy like
teddy bears



things that comes with heart shape (lol)
(btw the roses is rm8 each, which is way so expensive!! and the price could be trice the normal one selling during non Valentine's Day)
some also setting up booth for ppl to write love notes and then stick it on the notice board provided for Valentine's
(isn't that sweet?? NOT!! ppl would know who is who!! unless u wrote it generally.. hahaha...)
also there's a Speed Dating activities going on in college.
i guess that's where u get to know other ppl and date with them at the same time.
given time to introduce yrself to other ppl then switch partner again.
(i don't get it cuz i was having lunch time =P)
what else??? let's c....
oh ya and the chocolate eating competition
now, that sounds more interesting
imagine those ppl who join it stuffing everything i mean chocolates into their mouth.. haha
that's real funny

who say's Valentine's is only a celebration for couples?? well, i guess no one says it. i seen an article on newspapers 2 years ago i guess... it says "没有情人的情人节也可以很幸福” which means>> Even though u don't have lovers u could still move forward on Valentine's Day.
u could still celebrate it with yr friends who are single.
the singles are still going to be united anyway. the singles rules!!! lol.

-----incoming sms from some friends-----
They love u but they are not your lover.
They care for u but they are not from your family.
They are ready to share yourpain but they are not in your bloof relation.
They are FRIENDS!!
True friendscolds like DAD.
Cares like MOM.
Teases like SISTER.
Irritates like BROTHER.
and loves u more than your LOVER!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Wildlife Adventure

i had a great Wildlife Adventure on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year...
it's fun...
it's great...
it's marvelous...

even though i didn't went visiting together wif my frens in kch during the past few days on CNY, i had as great day spending time wif my family at other place.
yeap... maybe u need to agree wif what i said when u get there and experience the fun there.

we went to Sarawak Forestry at Semenggoh i think...
went there look for orang utan... and get in touch to the nature...
i actually saw the orang utan!
they are huge!
red haired and hungry too. =P
i think i saw a total of 5-6 orang utans which is a good apportunity and lucky for us too cuz according to the experts there... sumtimes we don't get to see the orang utans...
maybe bcuz the orang utans are scared of humans...
besides, they don't always open to let the visitors to see the orang utans too... cuz they afraid the orang utans think their rehab has been disturbs by us human... which is true too...

after then is kayak time.. yeah!!!
that's right we went for kayak... which is a good and unforgettable experience for me.
it's the 1st time for me to kayak.
due to the beginning of the year and these few days it keeps raining in kch...
the water level is quite high... higher than b4... so it's quite deep (even u put the pedal vertically also cannot reach the bottom)
thx god my kayak didn't turn over... or i should say none of our kayak turn over... which is good... maybe we can be expert already =P
the water current is very fast...
it's amazing when u sit in the kayak and the water current pushes u all the way...
with all those bumping rocks and fallen tress almost everywhere and the kayak goes "bomp bomp" haha
and the water is very cooling too... and freezing cold..
we also saw some limestones that resembles a lady and a rhino respectively... cool ya!!
then it rains... haha... add more atmosphere to my wildlife adventure.
imagine that, kayaking under the rain...
and having lunch under the rain without any shelter or anything...(that time the rain isn't that heavy already ^^)
haha.. this would be an unforgettable experience for me
and the rain got more and more heavy...
thx god it didn't affect our route back to our destination...and everyone is safe and sound...

row row row yr kayak gently down the stream...

our kayaks

my kayak got caught by those bamboos... ==!!

don't look at the camera!! row yr kayak.. keep pedaling!!!

c, told u it's raining... c the water current...

this is our temporary shelter for lunch while it's still raining... pity us...

1 day if we're going back to kayak again... count me in!!!!