Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sg. Pisang (8/4/2010)

Sg. Pisang here i come!!!

actually i dun plan to go Sg. Pisang lor cuz my body metabolism says not to go... cuz go there sure gonna play water de T_T

CC says she's gonna be dissapointed if im not going wor...
and she a bit hint hint Mr Tan
Mr Tan says i will sure go one... c even Mr Tan wants me to go...
aiyeee... go lah go lah.. dun go so deep into the water should be fine gua... ok deal!!

9 ppl going with two drivers and the only two guys, Mr Tan and Mun Keat.
We girls, sit back hahaha...

went to play water at the water fall... the water was cooling and nice...
wanted to jump into the water but bcuz of that i couldn't .. stupid thing, who ask u to come when i wanted to play with water... haiyerrr...
but still im having fun there...
good thing is... threre's not many leeches there... phew...
cuz im wearing short pants there.

it was a long day out there...
was stuck n the jam for so long when heading back home...
too tired so slept in the car most of the time... trying to stay awake but my eyes keep on shutting down by itself.
sleep with my head "boing" here and there, up and down... luckily my neck still can support my heavy head. hahaha..
but still dun care. continue to sleep...

went to KLCC all of the sudden

dunno y juz agreed to go all the way down to KLCC to watch movie with CC n Mr Tan.

and also Jasmine, Yumni and May Li too.

may be cuz Mr Tan is going as well...
or i promised CC long ago we'll watch movie together...
or i myself miss watching movie in the cinema ??

the girls wanted to have a movie marathon (2 movies at together) while Mr Tan goes to meet someone else at somewhere else.
And Mr Tan going to join in for the second movie
but the movie time doesn't match well. so ended up watching one movie only with Mr Tan
watched Clash of the Titans

very interesting movie
about some sort of Roman God like the Zeus, Hades and bla bla bla
i like Pegasus <<>

then CC had a spontaneous plan of giving Mr Tan a b'day surprise at Mahanttan Fish Market.
went to buy a Tiramisu cake for him...
It was a successful plan after all. Mr Tan didn't suspect anyone of us. hurrayyy!!!!

the next day is going to be Mr Tan's b'day... i passed him his present at midnight... hope he can wear it lor...

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's a "PAIN" ball not PAINTball

went for paint balling with mr tan, cc and cc's gang...

always wondering go or not to go cuz of work load
i know... i know... CC say i always use work load as an excuse... maybe it's true... seinz...

but in the end still go swt~~
cuz she say i'll miss a lot if i don't and it's once in a life time...
and once in a life time i feel like my life is near the cliff already...
and once in a life time i feel like im gonna get bruise (which luckily i didn't get any even i got hit... phew~~)
and mr tan is going too blek =P mama say ok if i wanna go also...
so conclusion is GO!

during the briefing for the paintball, i already start to feel uneasy there.
the breifer say if u got hit, it would only feels like a pinch and twist at the stomach.
i was like.. "OUCH!!!"

everybody are so "kanceong" there... i think even though the boys already told told us their tactics... im still blur... as long as i dun get shot and shot someone then ok d .. dun care liao.. haha

the mask making me fell unconfortable especially wearing glasses on it...
and the mask has limited vision as well. would be able to see ppl who attack u from the side.

another things is the mask tends to become a little bit foggy or blur... so i cannot really see who is who from far...
as long as i saw ppl from far, so SHOOT!! including the instructor =P

after the paint ball was so tired and still need to go out for dinner wif mr tan's friends...
they are celebrating his b'day 2 days in advance.
Oh well, Happy early Birthday Mr Tan.

next day woke up in the morning, muscle pain.
and realise i got some "kisses" from the mosquitoes on my arm...

some times going out is good but not when u have things to do at the same time...
the the break is too short d...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Out whole Day??

im being asked to go out wif CC.

cuzzzzzz... she doesn't allow me to do my report on saturday when our mid sem break juz started??
or she wants me to make use of this time to look for a present for Mr Tan's B'day???

deng~ <--- this does not have copyright, i can use it as many time as i want hohoho...

A: what to buy for MrTan?
B: no idea.
here comes a double "deng" ... deng deng ~~

B: buy a fruit cake for him lah... hahaha
*A hits B, cuz Mr Tan also buy fruit cake for B's b'day*B no idea what kind of cake MrTan like*

A: what are the things Mr Tan need now?? bag? tie? pen? bla bla bla???
B: he need Vitamin cuz Mr Tan too skinny
here comes a triple "deng" ... deng deng deng~~~

shampoo??? * B got another hit from A cuz of choosing a shampoo as MrTan's present*

Tie? NO. Mr Tan doesn't use tie. HE only use it for interview.
Pen? NO. Mr Tan doesn't bring pen along. and he might lose it .. nah...
Bag? he choose his own bag.
Wallet? nah... i think even u buy him a wallet he's still use the old one. already build up a bond with his old wallet.

OK!!! maybe T-shirt?? but what's his size?
a super "deng" coming up... deng deng deng deng~~~~

this one or that one, y so susah one??
suan le... pick the "M" size. Mr Tan so thin should be able to fit in lah... i even try on it. swt. ==!!!

after that, went for makan at Full House...

wah... Full House so nice leh...

they sell things inside the retaurant too...
and i ate set meal of the Spaghetti, mushroom soup, ice lemon tea and a dessert. wee...
which cost me rm 16.90

but very full...
CC couldn't finish her drink. she macam drank a quarter of it. ==!!!

after that, follow CC friend to 1 Utama to wach the world pillow fight...
then she finally bought the formal shoe that she wanted so much from Camel Active.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


一切本来是非常好的。。。 好像没有人记得今天是愚人节。。。



本来打算四点才回家的。。。 看到天好像有点暗。。。问一下朋友“我是不是应该现在回家才队,不然等下回下雨? ”他也同意。。。



我被雨淋到湿完了。。。 有雨伞还不是一样。。。 下半身湿完了。



东西做到一半,收到一个Seaweed 既来得SMS。

上面写着:“我下个月回Kuching 订婚了。记得出席我的订婚典礼。^^ ”

天啊!!! Seaweed 要订婚了哦!!!

那时候还没想到愚人节这件事。心里就像是怎的吗?? 我是知道她男朋友了啦,可是是

太快了吧!!! 大家还20岁啊!

越想越不对。还是大电话给Wee 和 “霉肉”问一下好了。他们都没有受到类似的 message。他们都说应该

Seaweed 你给我小心一点!!!