Saturday, July 12, 2008


已经开学有一个星期了。。。 不知道要说是个好事,还是说烦重的功课来了。。。
光是一科英文就已经半死了。。。 我不是在吹牛还是在夸张英文。。。 这次的英文不比以前的来得容易。。。

这次有literature ( short stories & Novel : The Outsiders) ,也有写Research Paper watch film strip and answer the questions。。。
1000-1500字的Research Paper要怎么写呀??? 又不可以copy and paste from the internet...作为 reference 就没问题啦。。。要重写句子。。。不可以有一样的。。。*Aww... my Brain Hurts*
你们听我这样说可能会觉得满容易。。。告诉你们。。。你们大措特错了!!! 这是要花很多功夫和时间来完成的。。。 *啊。。。大吼!-发泄一下啦* 


Biology可能会稍微比较容易。。。为是第一堂课嘛。。。 呵呵。。。

Friday, July 4, 2008

Day In Rachel's House

staying over at Rachel's house for 2 days.. (thursday & friday) ... ya that's right... she invite me to stay over at her house... *at the same time... Mr Tan is not at home for a week again... he went on a survey in Indonesia* good thing mum and Aunt Do allowed me to stay over at her house... if not, im gonna bored to death at home... hahaha...XD

waiting at home for Rachel's mum to come and pick me at the apartment... luckily they didn't have any problem when searching for the apartment... ^^

at 1st i was quite scared when seeing her mum.. after that's it's ok for me...her father was friendly the 1st time i saw him.. ^^

2 sisters... Julia n Sara... we play together.... play all sorts of games... i realise Rachel has lots of board games in her house... eg.
@The Sequence (comes with the card games) it's nice
@Cluedo (looking for suspects who kill a person)
@Break the Safe (a spy game)
@UNO block games
there r some other games too.. but we don't manage to play all of course.. most of the games i never played b4 and she taught me how to play...XD

i bake some cookies together with Rachel too... we call it "Muffies" .. well, actually it's a cookies but it tasted like muffins and looks like a small cute muffins after it is baked... it's a cereal cornflakes flavour... all her family says it's nice... actually we did not follow the recipe exactly .... we modify a
@instead of using margarine, we use butter
@instead of using chocolate chips, we use cornflakes
i give myself 80% for my baking... haha...

at night, we talk about lots of things lor.. trying to match "Stopper" with Nga Lai... hahaha (we r so evil bad... muahaha) dunno whether they sneeze a lot at home or not when we're talking about them...hmm...and we talk about our own frens in high school... random things lah...
the most interesting part is encouraging "Stopper" to like Nga Lai through MSN...hahaha...btw, we did sth called the "BUCKET LIST"... it's a list that u list out everything u wanna do b4 u "say goodbye".. ^^ well...i only manage to list out 30 of them... Rachel, Julia n Sara can list out mor than that!!!