Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of 2008; Welcome 2009

It's the last day of 2008 now, an hour to go b4 the new year (2009).
Well, they usually says a new year is a new start, and everything happens to start over a new life.
Sometimes, u need to agree of that; Sometimes, u feel like not agree with that.

I've been listening for radios these few weeks. The DJs kept reminding us about the year 2009.
As new year is coming,
-Have u done everything that u need do in 2008?
-Have u completed everything in 2008?
-If u haven completed it, don't push it till the next day. Cuz once things have been accumulate, u'll gonna have more work to do in 2009.
-Have u tell sth that u want to tell to yr family members, friends or partners? well, tell them fast b4 it's to late to wait till 2009.
-Have u solve things that need to be solve in 2008? Find a way to solve it ASAP, or seek for someone's advice for more help. This would reduce more problems and in yr life. Don't push it years after years until u got white hairs. =P

All these months in 2008, i've been thinking quite a lot of things and made quite a number of decisions in life.

b4 my results is release, ive been thinking of wha tcourse should i take in Uni.
and the course that i've took is better a good help for me in my future, and the most important is that i like it. ^w^
from nursing to somwehre more to science side.
ok, these are the course that have been pop in my brain b4,
~interior design
~food science and technology
in the end, i made my choice to take food science and technology. but there's a possibility that im going to change it again somehow. hmm...

My decisions have been changed over a pass few days b4 especially in the beginning of the year 2008 after i got my SPM results.
A decision that has been made to further my studies after m
y SPM. From studying overseas to studying in the country.

This problem has been bothering me for quite a weeks.
With all the financial support, shelter, school, distance from hometown, Visa, language, level of academic from other places,
discriminations and so on.
I've been thinking all this.
This had made me quite a moody person for quite a few days.
I've been
desperate and exhausted by these things.
I feel so lost suddenly. Lost somewhere in Space with no directions.

In the End, in quite a short time with a short thinking, i chose to stay in this country.
Study in
Sunway University College, which i am now. b4 that, i ever made a decision to study in CND, and i've send over my school fees.
It's quite a large amount of money.
According to the terms & conditions of school fees, i
thought i couldn't get back my money any more.
Thank God, they approve my letter of apology of unable to make my study there.
the money has been returned safe and sound. ^w^
That's quite a harsh decision for me, and
i've changed it in such a short mean time.

Sometimes, i juz feel like i don't have the faith to visit CND.
It's been my 3rd time that i almost going to visit that country.
But everytime it juz falls to a disappointment.
Sooner, i
juz feel like giving it up.
Even though i kept comforting myself that one day
i'll be going there.

then i go to Sun-U.
and i chose to take MUFY (a.k.a. Monash University Foundation Year), which is the most expensive course there. i didn't know that until i took the programme after a few days later. ==!!!
It's the mostly possibility to get approve by the Monash Uni, and Monash has the course that i might want to take. btw, Sun-U and Monash are the closest college and uni from where im going to stay.

and i met Rachel, Nga Lai and Eli in Sun-U.
These 3 are my close friends in Sun-U.
Coincidentally, we took the same number of semester, afraid that it would be too hectic for us to take 2 semester as we're the accelerate intake.
Now, i could c some of those who took 2 sem are quite busy and sometimes some of them don't even have free time for their lunch.
The Good thing is they graduate earlier than us.

then everything goes on day by day.
with assignments to do,
presentation to work out,
research to carry out,
charity to raise,
extra boring subjects to take,
result to receive.

juz like this and i've spend about 8 months in KL, never go back to my hometown for 8 months.
At home, i juz
clean the house,
wash dishes,
cook for lunch and dinner,
online surfing the net,
waiting for some relative come over to pay a little visit.

then went back to hometown in the November.
met wif some frens and helping around in the factory.
at the same time also will thought of my degree.
mama asking me to try looking for scholarships.
well, ok~ i'll try.
but won't it be too late for me to apply for scholarships as my SPM results has been released for so long already. plus some of their requirements is so HIGH!! ==!!!
and also she suggest that maybe i could try to take double degree.
and i was thinking about that too.
would it be too pressure or what?
but at the same time, it might be useful too.
i don't mind taking double degree if i have to.
the problem is juz the finance, and afraid that i coudn't catch up everything.
well, as u know double degree is like double the work and double the fees. Everything goes double.
taking double degree is not that bad too, as the other one can be used as a backup.
still thinking about it.

and today, it's the last day of 2008, have i done whatever that i should have done in this year b4 it goes to 2009??
i've tried to make my life as happy as i could already.
and i think i've done my best to make a colourful page for this year (2008).

wait, b4 i end up everything. there's an incoming msg from Wee. typing:

Sunday, December 28, 2008

1st time Working

i don't consider that as really working...

it's juz a temporary work...

mr tan introduce us 1...and no idea what is it about...

2nd day back to KL then suddenly ask us want to work or not...

what a rush...helping him out in Monash?? 

what kind of work could it be???

i never work b4 ok...

nvm, since i've got nth to do then go for a temporary work lor...

rm5 per hour... *my eyes shines with $$$*

the work is actually about photocopying students' documents, stapleing thing, arranging  documents, writting address for documents to be sent out...

with all this work work... we actually earn rn25... woohoo...

but that rm25 i already spent it on 1 piece of blouse... i like it  ^w^

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Arrival in KL

hello KL..
im back for my study liao...
actually im not really prepared yet...
somehow doesn't have the "get ready for new semester tol start" mood...
1 month holiday seems very normal like holidays during high school...
every time when it comes to holiday sure work in the factory 1... rolling plastic rolls...
somehow i got used to it already...
somehow my muscles also become "heavy" cuz of my laziness too...
normally juz sit there and wait for the plastics rolls to be completed and make sure that it comes our fine (mean to say no problem with it)

waiting for the time to pass...
waiting to get ready for the flight to the airport at home...
walk around at home... bla bla bla...
time seems to pass out slowly... boring~~
the flight is 12.55pm and i woke up so early n the morning.. around 7pm... sienz...
if i knew it turn out like this... i would watch the [V] Power concert on tv last night...super sienz...

at the airport lor...
now, where is that SeaWeed?? hmm....

suddenly phone called---- from SeaWeed
SeaWeed: Im juz right behind u ... turn over

*yes! target found*
Yeap, this is the day. This is the time.
Once again, we're leaving kch to kl. Leaving together to study afar.
~checked in >done
~baggage scanned >done
now waiting for them calling to get ready to queue up
it's quite early though... for us to be there...
about half an hour b4 our boarding time...
play my PSP 1st ~hiak~
arrival time around 2.30pm...
headed to the baggage collecting section...
1st stop, the toilet session. im damn full bladder
the worst thing is the toilet is packed wif lots of ppl there.. need to queue up so long leh...
no way im going to wait there.. forget about it.. i'll go later when there's fewer ppl inside...
the baggage collection is damn slow... what took thwm so slow out there...
after SeaWeed came out from the toilet still no ready yet ==!!!
this thing delayed our schedule leh...

finally got the luggage... then heaed to the SkyBus stop
1st time using SkyBus... wee... nth cool inside...
only that no eating and drinking...
and SeaWeed got caught drinking soft drink inside...shesh...
walilie... the distance from LCCT to KL sentral is so long leh...
feels like siiting in the cab for an hour...
even the butt feels pain and hot lor... =P
along the way from KL sentral using KTM to Subang is fine...
everything came out good...
and we got Subang around 5pm

waited for the mini bus at the bus stop for about half an hour...
damn long plus the whether is extra hot that time...
can feel sth burning on the head already...
in the end, juz give up of waiting for the mini bus...
and use taxi back home...
rm10 leh... bopian lor...
dunno what's wrong with that mini bus...
took so long to get to Carrefour one...
is it possible it broke down half way somewhere??
well, it have been broke down quite a few times already.
yeah, finnal home lor... hehehe...
so tired leh....
mr tan not at home....
what we're going ot eat tonight??
that's what we got for a night meal.
sry for SeaWeed, got nth nice at home to eat... strave for a while... but don't faint out please!!!

after eating sth feels better already.
the cleaning the house... with all those sweeping and mopping
phew... what a sweat.. after doing the mopping and sweeping feels better now... yay to myself!!! ^O^

good that we reach home safe and sound.. and have a good sleep too ^^

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lonely X'mas

X'mas is damn lonely and boring
stay at home the whole day (except that going to the temple 拜拜 in the morning) didn't go anywhere else...
not even X'mas eve (except going to the 7th mile clinic wiht grandma early in the morning as well)

b4 that Seaweed actually asked e to go out for sports on X'mas eve.. but i turned it down
cuz it was in the morning and i need to accompany grandma to the clinic...
another reason bcuz since i've not been exercised for so long... i'll be having muscle pain if i went there

then i wait till the next day c whether they'll ask to hang out or not..
in the end who knows... nobody ask to go out... waiting for incoming sms or phone call...
but still the same.. my phone remian silent and still...

then this afternoon, went to 爱FM website c anything interesting there ot not (well it's my 1st time there, so im kinda curious about what's inside there)

yeap, inside has all those DJs profile and their scedule and about the latest news on 爱FM
then i went to their chat box...
randomly chat with strangers...
then saw their <回家过年> MV... the MV is a bit weird and funny in a way...
the begining of the song is kinda of... erm... i consider it traditionally old <--- and that's why they call it one of the most that can express the Chinese's newyear's mood and feeling (sth like that)
ever since December they kept putting this New Year song instead of the others...and im telling the truth
i could hear this song playing on radio like about 5 times a day...
no offence hehehe...

this is the new year MV that i saw lor... ==!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! 4 Christmas

that' s right... Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let my Blog snow for 24 hours 365 days!!! im not going to remove the "snow" in my blog for the rest of my blogging... hehe... (well.. i hope i can do what as i said)

i really really like it snow... even though i have no idea how does snow actually feels like or looks like... i think it's going to be nice ^w^ soft, white and gentle weee....

one day (in the future or my other century
), i must experience places that snow. b4 that.... i need to eat lots of fatty stuff or where thick thick cloths or else i'll be freeze to death =P choi! choi!

how does celebrating Christmas really feels like?? i don't only mean like seeing everywhere putting up and selling X'mas tress
or having X'mas sales everywhere or giving out and exchanging presents or seeing "Santa Claus" giving out free sweets to little kidz or sending X'mas chained messages or.....

i dunno... what am i trying to express here??

maybe bcuz my family or ppl around me doesn't really practice this "celebrating X'mas" thingy or having X'mas mood... so i couldn't feel the real X'mas atmosphere usually those Christians practice this
celebration right? im not sure about that for what i've known. Rachel seems to have this practice... go for X'mas shopping... having X'mas tree at home well decorated

i know, i know, Christmas is a Joyous celebration. With lots of love and warmth arround.
Gathering together... eating yummy things... and "Santa Claus" too... (i can describe this cuz i've seen all this on tv ==!!!)

im not trying to make Christmas terrible... im juz trying to feel the real joy and happiness of having Christmas around... i believe one that that particular feeling and mood will come to me...

but i like the decorations and ornaments and pic
tures and poster for X'mas... they're all nice ^w^ (now that whether i already can feel the X'mas mood or am i juz giving myself more confusions... haiz...) anyway, here there are... X'mas!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Not a Chance

thinking of what hair style im wanna cut later...


argh... when it comes to hair cut i always have no idea about it.. mostly im going to cut it shorter only haiz...
y can't i have another kind of hair style??
1st reason : u might be regret of the result of the hair style
2nd reason: if u cut it too short then u can't tie up yr hair, then yr hair will be messy when the wind blows ==!!!
3rd reason: if u dyed yr hair, when new hair grows out, u can the the contrast colour of yr hair
4th reason: if y perm (dunno spelling correct or not), it doesn't mean that i like to let my hair down always. if i tied it up, it's meaningless for me to perm my hair. It'll be a waste of money.

so this morning, the only thing i did i only cut my hair shorter.
1 of the reason i have hair fall problem is bcuz my hair is too long already. ==!!
and now that it is short, i think it shouldn't be any problem anymore.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Master Piece

i've been drawing some pictures at home these few days...
mainly related to the theme: Fantasy& Supernatural
at the same time i can practice my drawings which i have "abandoned" since f3...
hmm... it seems that my drawings are still not bad after all...( i give myself 8/10 ^^)
satisfied with the black and white shading but not the colouring
having the feeling that i might ruin my drawings... i don't dare to colour them.. (will ruin roughly 80% of my master piece... no way for colouring)

Here are my drawings:-

This piece is a Chinese Flying Dragon.
i) Name : Chinese Flying Dragon
ii) Special ability :
-Breaths out fire from it's mouth eg. fire ball & inferno (temperature high enough to melt down iron metals)
-Super Speed with flexible tail to manoeuvre their directions and speed
-Hard Skin covered with hard scales all over it's body to minimise wound from enemy
-Sharp Fangs and Claws to kill it's rival less than a minute

Second piece is 2 different creatures. Left side: The Legendary Sea Dragon ; Right side: Chinese Flying Dragon
Left side:
i) Name : Sea Dragon ( Gemstanus)
ii) Speical ability :
- Able to control sea water eg. waves, tides and tsunami
- Breaths out strong water bubble big enough to trap its enemy
- Produce special seaweeds to allow creatures from the land to breaths deep in the water
- With it's flexible tail it can swim in high speed in the water, faster than any other sea creature
- Consists of sharp poisonous fangs at the end of it's tail to attack it's rival
Right side:
i) Name: Chinese Flying Dragon
ii) Special ability:
(same as the previous Flying Dragon but a smaller version one

Third piece, The Phoenix of The Wings. Two Phoenix flying together. (some drawing misunderstanding there, the picture makes it looks like the Phonis on the left is scolding the one on the right.. nvm..)
i) Name : Felcon (left), Feral (right)
ii) Special ability:
-With strong and wide wings it can fly as high as it want to be
- Both are able to transform into 2 fire wheels
- Sharp claws to kill its enemy
- Felcon can make sharp shriek sounds that causes deaf ; Feral can make sweet melody as medical purporses to cure wound but it's ability is limited

Last piece, from left to right, Guardian of Plant, Guardian of Fire and Guardian of Water
like what have been said,
i) Guardian of Plant: Penzzle
- controls every single plant on earth no matter on ground or in the water
ii) Guardian of Fire: Sannest
- controls all fire element
iii) Guardian of Water: Oslyn
- controls all water element; sea, ocean, lake, ponds, river etc

yeap!! i drew all of them. hehehe... i drew them while helping in the factory... hey, i actually can multitask.. cool~~
sometimes bored at night nth to do then took out a piece of paper... draw again...
my drawing is my soul,
keep going on and on,
the growing never will stop
(hmm.. what makes me think of this phrase) yay!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Delight with a mixture of Pain in the Heart

today is the day...
an important day for this semester (well... for my life in college is quite important for me)
this is the day my result for this semester is released...

i open up my eyes...
lying on bed...
looking at the's 7.05am in the morning...
still unwilling to get up... due to my laziness...
looking at my clock again.. it's 7.15am...
ok.. now my soul is returning to my body.. hahaha...
get ready to get up ...

wosh... after taking a nice warm shower...
sth "pop" into my mind...
wait a min... today is 11 Nov...
oh ya...

rush to my com...
log in my Monash ID...
ya... it's the day to check for my result for this sem...

here it is..

Year Unit TItle
Mark Grade
2008 English B
83 HD
2008 Biology A
85 HD
2008 Chemistry B
80 HD

yeap.. im unsatisfied with it...
leaped into the air...

at 1st my mum sounds happy for my achievements... BUT...(this is the part that i don't like)
after she knew 1 of my friends scored better than me in it... she sounds like as if i got nth...
she's like.. pouring cold water on me for my results...

i hated it... i hated the way she said to me... i hate it!! i hate it!!
y does she wants me to compete with her??
she's very clever in it.. yes, i know that.. i know she got 88 for Eng, 85 for acct, 90 for math
y wanna compare my results with her?
u know sometimes i have the feeling of unhappiness in myself when u sounds like wanting me to be the highest among my friends...
it gives me the feeling uneasiness...

ya right...
even though i told u that i don't care what others say about my results or what ppl talk about it: my college is lausy 1 or the standard is not so good so they set the questions easily for the students to score high
u know... what u hear and see from the outside is not like what im thinking in the inside
im actually sensitive of what u and others are talking or comparing my results and my college...
just that u didn't know about it...
u never know about it...

Monday, December 1, 2008

my blurish never ends

let's see... im still in my blurish self.. blur of my course after finish my foundation in college...

i wanted to choose food science and technology... but dunno am i choosing the right thing or not... i like the course boh... (mum always say as long as u like it and it wouldn't have any trouble in finding job. don't worry about the financial support. *sign*)
yeap, it's true..
i usually like my mum's advice...
i like the way she advices me...
she open up my mind...
open my way...

i've make up my mind...
i'll take double degree...
the only thing i can do is struggle harder lor...
if i take double degree then more choices to make in my future pathway...

but at the same time...there's still some problems...
i kept thinking of the course fees...
i know double degree is not cheap and it's at Monash somemore...
Monash course fees are quite expensive ...
i know that.. so im worried my family couldn't afford it...
but then my mum say not to worry about the financial, the money, juz concentrate on my studies..
cuz my parents already planned almost everything for me & my bro's future financial...
but at the same time im afraid i can't cope up with 2 course...
this is so sienz..

aww... my brain hurts... im blur =P

A Leakage In Our Friendship

Gonna have a gathering wif the gals tonite at Isabella's ( ermm.. im not sure where it is.. juz simwhere near the day dream cafe) ... ^^
anyway, im so excited... weeeee.... long time no see gals...
*keep sms-ing each other before the meeting*c who else is going*
CLC: who is going tonite?
TPI: not sure woh... are u going? CMCgoing?
TPI: err.... tonite i go over yr house at 7.30pm then i foillow u to Isabella k? i dunno where is it... =P
BSH: ok.. u phone me b4 u come..em..vck not going.. wee n cmc u ask them rite?
(oh ya, that day i told CMC when we met coincidentally at everrise nad wee already know about the gathering)
TPI: ya.. but i dunno whether they're going or not...
BSH: wee know the place?
(didn't reply... i think she knows the place.. she's sort of get the idea where the place is...)
CLC: is Karen going? Maggie not going.
(oh ya, i totally forgot about Karen... sign)
TPI: i didn't ask her... *actually i dunno her contact no. * u ask her loh
(oh man, maggie and vck not going... well, that's not the worse yet.. at least 4 of us are going)
CLC: Oh, I ask loh
CLC: How are u going?
TPI: im going to BSH's house at 7.30pm then i follow her to Isabella's
CLC: U drive?
TPI: no lah... my aunt drive me there...
PWW: are u going?
TPI :yes. how bout u?
PWW:how are u going?
PWW:when depart, i go to yr house and pick u. when go home, can u send me home?
TPI : my aunt can send me there, but i couldn't send u home cuz it's inconvinient for me... =(
PWW:nvm lah... im going... hahaha
sms ends here

ok.. now that i know probably 4 ppl are sre going and 2 ppl are 101% not going.. ok.. still not bad

now finally at Isabella's... a relaxing what BSH said : "good for friends gathering" totally agree wif that... it's nice and cozy.. maybe they should hire a fortune teller there... haha

this is the worst part... suddenly BSH told me CLC is not coimg cuz not feeling well.. (aiee?? this afternoon she sounds ok when sms-ing, now suddenly not feeling well? or she juz wants to find an excuse of not going?? forget about it)
few mins later, incoming msg... PWW:im not going anymore... now im outside. (what?!! another not going?? now 6 ppl reduce to only 2 ppl!!! what's going on??)
i thought this would be a farewell gathering for BSH b4 she left to KL and i juz came back from KL as a friendship gathering...
heartless ppl... im kinda disappointed with that *sign*

fine... nvm.. juz 2 of us.. order some drinks there and chat along.. haha.. didn't chat this long already...thinking of the thing we did in high school made me laugh into tears only lol

when my mum know there's only 2 person attended the gathering.. she said our friendship woudn't stay long.. im kinda convinced by that.. and it sounds true too... anyway i'll juz let it be