Friday, August 15, 2008

What A Relieve...

after so much stress this week.. it is time i can have a week break...

Stress??? About what?? What's been stressing u?
guess u don't know about it. It's because of some chemistry topic test and quiz plus haven got enough time to complete Eng outline and draft. Within 1 week need to complete these things... OMG!! i almost forgot! I still need to do attend class for Moral Studies until 6pm this Monday... So tiring. T_T Mr Mike (Moral teacher) still give us home work to do.. i still nedd to help Rachel look for the the address for some hotels (as sponsors to out fund raising). Aww... so much thing to do...

at first i thought i've done my draft for Eng and feel happy about it... but after listening from what teacher saying how our draft is suppose to look like and include... i feel like i need to redo and edit what i've done in my previous draft.
and suddenly a chemistry topic test is coming at the same week... it's like getting hit by a heavy stone in all of the sudden. Teacher say he'll make us suffer in our topic test this time some more... all of the sudden, I feel like there's too much things to do.. i need more time!!!

ok, after finishing all the chemistry test and quiz... now can concentrate on my Eng draft now... BUT!!! it Thursday already and i need to complete it by tomorrow (Friday). Oh no.. how am i gonna do that? Eventhough i keep telling myself i can do it... but my heart is telling me there's too much to do... Csn't think of refutation for my research..that's the worst part... it's like blocking my way of thinking.. . and need to find more relevant evidence that can really support my argument!!! Argh... need to search more articles for arguments.. so difficult.. some articles is like several years ago.. .. *searching and searching* .. aduh, simply get some ideas and try to elaborate it as much as i can lah... *typing and thinking* ..

FINALLY .. my draft is complete!!! What a relieve.. I finish it by 11pm .. pity for Rachel..she finish hers until 3am midnight!!! and the weird thing is .. seh looks hyper in the morning and she's not tired.. i can doubt her energy is gonna be low during her BM class in the afternoon. hiak..

YES!! teacher accepted my daft.. juz that need to add in some sup[porting detail and then i can start off with my into and 1st argument of my actual report. ^^

and the great news... It's holiday again.. doesn't mean i can totally relax now.. i still need to continue work on my Eng again and study for Bio topic test..

p/S: i won't have time to come over write blog that often... buzy plus my laziness is not going to work on updating my blog.. =P