Friday, October 9, 2009

last lab for chem 1011 and bio 1011

it's the last lab today .. hurray!!! *cheers*
well, am i suppose to be happy cuz it's the last lab or what?
cuz no need to be afraid of getting the wrong or inaccurate reuslts for the experiment anymore or;
no need to be worried of being the last to finish the exp or;
ne need to do report anymore or;
no need to be questioned or asked to explain the process of certain things in the lab (for plant and animal diversity in BIO 1011 =P)

another things is when the lab ends,
meaning final exam is coming soon *sobs*
and im still unprepared O_o

anyway, everyone are quite ... waht should i call this .... sad?
cuz it's the last lab? (including 40% of me)
hello? this is the only the 1st year and the 1st sem.
it's not like we're not gonna come back anymore...
especially mr Chew JJ.
taking more pictures than i expected =P
make me wanna say "wow!" for him.
he's making things as though we're gonna graduate or sth. =P
*sry to say u like this ?*
nvm, u not gonna read it anyway ... lalala~~

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mid-Autumn Fest

Missing those days playing lanterns at home... haven play lantern for so long... List of reasons: 1) a bit childish to play wif lantern (but i still like to play wif it) 2) nobody wants to play wif me 3) mr tan left me in kch already 4) no lantern in KL to play with (finding excuse of not playing lantern here =P)

BUT then yesterday she invited me to play lanterns lol i used hers of course cuz i dun have one.. and one of it burn down into ashes lol

i still have lots of lanterns at home all in big plastics bags... dunno whether those kiddy play wif it or burn down any of it or not i hope that won't happen *cross my fingers*

last time i used to play lantern alot wif mr tan and he even used his mini bino to watch the moon... to check out whether anyone is on the moon or not (eg. wu gang chopping the tree, a rabbit and chang er) of course those are juz myth lol
ps: amyone who read this plz dun tell mr tan that i said sth about this =P

i used to have the kind of lantern that never burn down the electronic one that can cause sound pollution if everyone around the neighborhood are using it together at a time =P but now most of them are spoiled in a way that either the bulb burns out
sth to do wif the wire
or the battery not working for the lantern anymore.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cyclig at Bukit Cahaya

this morning went cycling at Bukit Cahaya... which i never been there b4
the weather is nice in the morning.. not too sunny and no rain =)
good day!
there's lots of different parks there
some are being abandoned
some are fake which is different from what it suppose to be
but still have a great day there.

1st went to the animal garden i see:


can u spot the deers? they camouflage themselves with the tree trunk =P

porcupine (they are so smelly)


then went to the fishing lake

4 season house
(where u can only find one season inside - summer)

mushroom park where u can't find any mushrooms there.
and there's a tree house there.. there's a nice view from the tree house. =)

orchid park and hydroponic house that's being abandoned
(i didn't took pic of it)

went to Taman Rempah Ratus
and found that they planted this there
i called this "Rebina plant"

cycling down the hill was dangerous but fun
while cycling up the hill is way tired
and we ended up pushing our bikes along =P

this time my holiday is quite fun compared to last time
more outings hehehe...

and i guess this should be how we gonna celebrate the mid autumn festival here