Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back Home~~

im already back home for about 3 days already...

all the things seems the same.... nth seems to change much... except for some ppl at home @grandma fall sick seriously... couldn't walk by her own and didn't eat much like b4 when she's healthy ... only able to sit up, lie on bed and sleep again.. well she eat less *at least she eats a bit*
@those little kids also fall sick.. fever.. it's like a disease on after and another.. 1 of then got cirit-birit and another 2 got fever... *i was wondering they're having fever but how come they still look so energetic, running around at home like wild animals* well it's hard to understand what children are thinking about.
@accusation arise at home ---->> $$$ (u know what i mean) well.. i don't really like to talk about it.. it's very sad and feel ashame to know it...

ever since i got home.. i haven't met papa... *sign* dunno when can i go back to no.521 and eat dinner wif him.. u know since grandma is sick now.. it's hard for me and mama to go back .. cuz need to take care of her.. if we go back whose gonna take care of her???

and i do the usual thing lor... stay in the factory.. roll the plastic rolls..

anyway, i hope grandma gonna get well soon then she can go to KL like b4 and pay a visit of me and Mr. Tan. Grandma, don't keep saying those useless words about yrself. u gonna get well soon. *pray* Oh God, give grandma the strenght to stay strong and recover from her sickness.

Friday, November 14, 2008 waiting for me oh~~

oh ya.. time pass by kinda fast.. i've already been here (KL) for almost a year. it's actually 9 months. everything seems to be just happening yesterday if u recall back.

from the time we dunno until the time we know

from stranger to friends.

from noone to someone.

from nobody to somebody.


things are getting more and more tough awaiting for us to face them.. full of obstacles and and surprising. 

well.. after few more days i will be back in kch. friends and family over there are waiting for me. yay! (im not sure about my friends but im sure my family are  ^^) how come i make myself sounds so unconfident on my friends?? what kind of friends am i?? *sign* anyway im back!!!

i like this quote:

@Yesterday is a History

@Tomorrow is a Mysrety

@Today is a Gift ^^

@Life is like a Journey waiting for us to Discover it (i add this sentence on my own.  hehe...)

Out wif frends!!!!!! the day after the exam!!! and the day im going out wif frends...

im so happy.. it's the 1st day im coming out if frends in KL.. but only to pyramid of course...the nearest place..

1st stop-watch movie of course (as what we've planned on msn the night before.. hehehe) as we're considered as the early birds we got rm8 per ticket without using the student card.. yay! (normal price would be rm11 lah)  Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa, here we come!!! it's so hilarious movie! A good movie to release stress after all the exam. well recommended.. *thumbs up x10*  "i like to move it move it! she like to move it move it! we like to move it move it!" *singing out of tune*  hehe...


2nd stop-waffle time!!! went to "waffle world" and ate chocolate waffle wif ice-cream on top. yummmm.... *tongue ticking out and saliva keep drilling non-stop* it so full for one piece of waffle...even Dragonfly couldn't finish hers.. but still nice.. worth it


3rd stop-there's no stop here.. we juz wandering around in the shopping mall ... talkiong here nad there and took some pictures.. then met Kelly (from chem class) in the toilet.. asking her to take pic of all of us.. then there's weirdo appear.. when Kelly is taking of us (Nga Lai, Rachel, Eli and me) a guy stood behing Kelly and looking at the pic she took for us... he looks perverted is a way... i feel kinda wanna hit him when he does that... we don't even know him!!! and Kelly is unaware that the perverted guy is watching us taking pictures... Argh!!!







4th stop-everyone goes home already. and i still need to go to Jusco to buy some groceries then when i come back then i don't have to rush for all those things... ^^

well... it's kinda of an interesting day .. i guess... hmm...  

and Uncle K.H and Aunt S.C got home just few mins after i reach home..^^ it's a right timing anyway  hahaha  *praising myself* *like this also wanna praise... what an idiotic move* ==!!!

p/s.. i sure raely come to write down my blog here.. it's kinda busy last few months.. anyway i'll still try my best to drop in this that happened around me even though it's already few days or months over. Gambarimasu!!! (meaning  i will do my best!!!) 


yay!! yay!! yay!!

finally finished my exam yesterday... 

im happy now...

im relieve now...

i fell sth heavy being lifted high from me now...

finally the bio last paper is over... i've been waiting for this day 3 weeks already... waiting for 1 paper each week is so... (how should i put this???) desperate?? boring?? lazy?? anxious?? nervous??  aww... it's all mix of feeling!!!!  T_T

b4 the paper is full of emotions that dunno how to express.. dunno whether to feel nervous or happy for the last paper... 

1st, im nervous bcuz im going for the have the exam that day.. and i feel unprepared even though i've studied almost everything.  (well perhaps not everything but most of the major topics)

2nd, im happy bcuz it's finally the last paper... i've been waiting for this day so long!!! and the day has finally come towards me..c getting closer and closer @_@  (i can see the finish line in front of me, yay!!!)

good thing the bio paper wasn't that difficult it's juz ok!! i won't say it's easy. better not to be too confident in myself. most of the past year questions teacher gave us are quite tough in a way.. 

im happy not only bcuz it's the final paper.. another reason is next day im going out wif frens to pyramid and Uncle K.H and Aunt S.C are coming over too.. im super XDDD    *flying in the air*

after i got home.. of course that i threw everything aside and quickly clean up the house (unless when they came tomorrow they won't say the house is full of mess =P) after that i can continue watching my anime... muahahaha... (im sort of addicted to it... Shugo Chara here i come!!!)