Monday, October 5, 2009

Mid-Autumn Fest

Missing those days playing lanterns at home... haven play lantern for so long... List of reasons: 1) a bit childish to play wif lantern (but i still like to play wif it) 2) nobody wants to play wif me 3) mr tan left me in kch already 4) no lantern in KL to play with (finding excuse of not playing lantern here =P)

BUT then yesterday she invited me to play lanterns lol i used hers of course cuz i dun have one.. and one of it burn down into ashes lol

i still have lots of lanterns at home all in big plastics bags... dunno whether those kiddy play wif it or burn down any of it or not i hope that won't happen *cross my fingers*

last time i used to play lantern alot wif mr tan and he even used his mini bino to watch the moon... to check out whether anyone is on the moon or not (eg. wu gang chopping the tree, a rabbit and chang er) of course those are juz myth lol
ps: amyone who read this plz dun tell mr tan that i said sth about this =P

i used to have the kind of lantern that never burn down the electronic one that can cause sound pollution if everyone around the neighborhood are using it together at a time =P but now most of them are spoiled in a way that either the bulb burns out
sth to do wif the wire
or the battery not working for the lantern anymore.