Friday, February 22, 2008

Burning "Late" Oil

haha...guess what?? not only does students burn midnight oil to finish their assignment or to study... "big" ppl also burn midnight oil to accomplish their work.

u can still hear the engine buzy doing their work in the midnight.. ya,there's ppl still working in the factory till midnight... so rajin. haha... election just around the corner... they're busy printing those politics ppl's faces on the plastics. everytime when the elections comes, the factory sure is busy 1. haiz... "iek-iok, iek-iok" engine non-stop cutting pieces of plastics... sometimes the printed faces no very nice so need to re-print all over again... wasting plastics, wasting ink colour, wasting time & wasting energy... need to hand over the order tomorrow...need to keep up oh! jia you!! okok... stop typing here liao and go give them a hand!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


甜-甜在心里(因为开心时,多数是觉得心里很轻松,甜甜的 ^_^)


innocent faces...hiak

好像从不把"考试"这个字看的很严重...不把它当一回事似的...考考就算了...UPSR时也好像没什么碰到书本. 到最后还不是这样过了.

中学呢...呵呵...影响当然是比较深了...从中一到中三...日子也好像跟小学没什么两样嘛...只是功课较多了些...也多了几个科目...朋友也多了些...和几个小学朋友不同班了...自己开始被取的外号了____"雪人蛋" & "SharRIng" <<其中两个外号 "SharRIng" 是SeaWeed 帮我取的 (中英名字和在一起) 听惯了... 其实 "SharRIng" 也瞒好听一下的... 谢了SeaWeed... ^^ 我还记得Form 1时,第一个欺负我的人呢!! 就是那个讨人厌的Daniel__Qoo(不过,上了Form 4, 会比较乖了. 呵呵...)以前坐在他旁边就每天被他作弄.气死了!! 不是用pen画人家的手,就是玩口水,恶心死了...脸皮好像很厚似的...被"鲨鱼"__Qcc和我骂了还讲不听.不知道那时是不是脑袋坏了还是什么?? 如果没错的话,好像Form4 还是Form5 才开始烦恼将来毕业后的事情吧!! =P
1)1st week enter Form 4, dunno wheather to join science stream or art stream (haiz... but the end, the school help u to make yr decision)
2)dunno which career to choose in the future (cuz..u know lah...everytime when we reach this stage those teachers n parents always like to ask the same question "what would u like to be when u grow up?" oh man, give me a break !! everytime they ask this question, sure gonna crack my brain...)
3)dunno which course to choose after graduate (it's scary to say that if u made the wrong decision, u'll regret for life!! but now i'm recently interested in food science...kinda realted to nutririon though)
4)it's true that we___friends can't always be there for each other rite? we have our own dream to catch... we all go on different separate road.

About 70% we'll not gonna meet each other anymore
About 20% we'll still meet each other unless any1 of us suggessted to hangout together some day About 10% it's up to God to decide wheather we'll still meet each other in future or not.It's faith.
Perhaps we'll feel shy and speechless when we met some day. Are we gonna feel uncomfortable?Are we gonna be strangers?

There's too much "dunno" that would happen in the next day.
Maybe sth shock happen tomorrow?
Maybe we met our schoolmate on the same street?
Maybe ....

Like what wee says: "Nobody knows what the future will bring."

After viewing SeaWeed's blog, it seems capture quite a lot of my memories...especially the time near to SPM. Ya, every1 are crazy "K-ing" their reference book. Ya, it's true that our class is a special class that time... almost half of the class is empty.. u know. EMPTY!!
reason 1)teachers had finish the syllybus, so no point going to school anymore. go to school juz walk around and chit-chatting in class. =P
reason 2)everytime u see yr friends around, u'll sure chit-chat wif them. NON-STOP!!! ya, at the beginning u were group studying but soon it'll be out off the to avoid this to be happen ...STAY AT HOME!!!
reason 3) due that our class macam "Fish Market" and the worst class in school

still thanks to all my friends... especially those 5 gals.

They have given me such a wonderful time in school and enriched my secondary school life. ^^

damn it!! can't believe i write so long!!! super damn!! half blog is in chinese and the other half is in english!! "kek tiok"!! =P

Friday, February 8, 2008

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