Friday, October 9, 2009

last lab for chem 1011 and bio 1011

it's the last lab today .. hurray!!! *cheers*
well, am i suppose to be happy cuz it's the last lab or what?
cuz no need to be afraid of getting the wrong or inaccurate reuslts for the experiment anymore or;
no need to be worried of being the last to finish the exp or;
ne need to do report anymore or;
no need to be questioned or asked to explain the process of certain things in the lab (for plant and animal diversity in BIO 1011 =P)

another things is when the lab ends,
meaning final exam is coming soon *sobs*
and im still unprepared O_o

anyway, everyone are quite ... waht should i call this .... sad?
cuz it's the last lab? (including 40% of me)
hello? this is the only the 1st year and the 1st sem.
it's not like we're not gonna come back anymore...
especially mr Chew JJ.
taking more pictures than i expected =P
make me wanna say "wow!" for him.
he's making things as though we're gonna graduate or sth. =P
*sry to say u like this ?*
nvm, u not gonna read it anyway ... lalala~~