Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trip 2 tHe ParkS

phew... after a morning test for maths A, shall i zoom forward to my HAPPY HOUR.
well, at least i can have a little bit of fun after the maths test right?? at the same time, it's time for a small relaxation.
btw, ever since Allison and Prior came over to KL i haven got the chance to hang out wif them . what's the point?? They're having great time with Mr Tan bringing them to the fun places that i might never been to and im juz staying at home preparing for the test. Jesus... i wanna have some fun too @_@

so Mr Tan bring us to the Butterfly park with all sorts of exotic butterflies there.
Pretty butterflies with nice flowers there.
Some caterpillars and giant millipede there which is disgusting and gives me the goosebumps.
add on some tortoise there which scares me away from them

after visiting the Butterflies Park.. next stop will be the Bird Park.
that's the World's Largest Bird Park if u didn't know about that.
it much more larger than we expected.
Yeap, all kinds of birds inside with shits fallen on the ground almost everywhere.
lucky i didn't get any shit on me. muahaha.... none of us did.
lucky for us.
i'll upload some pictures after i got them from mr tan....