Friday, June 5, 2009

Finals Is OVER!!!

hurray!!! my finals is finally over!!!
i've been waiting for this day for so long...
more than a week after my previous test... this is totally mad!!

but b4 my last paper... uncle came over, together with those 3 noisy and uncontrollable counsins...
and at the same time im resting for my last paper...
maybe i should say they didn't come over when im having my exam going on.
so even they really are noisy, it won't really affect my study progress yet.
then after they left, i still have 1 extra day day to concentrate on. ^^

after exam.. i can do whatever i want now...
*continue watching my series
*playing my psp
*dl-ing songs n games
*watching movies
*reading my story books
*looking for camera (under consideration, i really really want a real camera!!! @_@ pls buy me 1)

i saw a camera advertisement,
it's a touch screen digital camera.
Nikon Coolpix S230 with LCD screen, 10 MP and 3x optical zoom.
and the most amazing thing is u can modify your picture on the camera!!
it worth roughly less than rm 1000!!!
hope i get one.. @_@