Thursday, March 26, 2009

HoW impOrtaNt WATER is??

now i realise how important water is to me, i mean us?
without water everything is like done half way.
without water a lot of things cannot be done.
without water u might smell uncomfortable cuz cannot take shower.
without water it feels like dehydrated even for 1 day.
i want


since the day b4 yesterday, all the residence staying at my block doesn't have any water supply.
due to, water paip repairing... this is sucks!!
causes all of us does have water at all!!!
1 day maybe i'll still consider that .. BUT it's like 3 days already!!!
imagine that! 3 days without water supply.
how are ppl here gonna survive??
even the notice they notify us are fake one. It says sth like:
there will not be water supply from 25th March (10am) till 26th March (10pm) due to water paip under construction or sth.
today is already 27th.. Hello?? where is the water?

in the end mr tan and i need to use Aunty's K.L. house to take shower.
if not i really cannot tahan the stinky smell on me lah.

then i accidently left my towel at her house... silly me ==!!!
need to wait until other time to get it from her lor...

howeve,r on 26th that night around 8pm i think.
1st i was happy thinking that yeah, finally got water supply, then quickly go an take a nice shower.
but the water flow is still very slow, thank God it's enuf for us the take a nice shower.
then it flows out the dirt water and slowly getting more.
who knows the next morning i woke up, no water flow from the water tap when i want to wash my face!!!
what's wrong with all these ppl!!!
u they realise we need water!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Sweet 19th B'day

hurray... my b'day is here!!!
im the 1st among my friends from college to celebrate b'day this year
and this is the 1st time i celebrate my b'day with friends here in KL
now that's sth new and different

this year i got sth different from college on my b'day that day. This year:
*i got a really really got results for my maths A topic test 2 ...
even i don't believe it!!! i score full marks for the topic test weee~~
*i suppose to have another topic test for maths B but i postponed to the next day... so i dunno whether it a good news or a bad news. (the good news is i have 1 day extra to prepare for it; bad news is i wanna quickly get over with the topic test cuz i've been spending the whole holiday revising on it!!)
*i got to celebrate with my friends this year. last year?? no. cuz my b'day last year falls on the oreintation day for pre-U. so haven made any friends yet.

btw, tq for all my friends who gave me b'day wishes and b'day presents.
im so touched...@_@
i received all yr blessings through sms V^o^V

one more things im very happy with is that
yeah.... i love u bro!!
well, im suspicious that u actually didn't know that day is my b'day..
not until mum remind u about it...
hmm... any way im still happy of it *吃在嘴里,甜在心里*

then on friday,
Rachel and Eli plan to go pyramid shopping as to celebrate my b'day since we can't do it on my b'day that day.
so after class, we eat at the school cafeteria.
and i tried sth new : Chicken & Cheese Phrata
taste unique. and lots of cheesy cheese inside.
not bad. maybe next time if i have another chance, i'll try Peanut Chocolate crispy ^^ yummm~~

McFlurry>>> very nice *thumbs up*
tq Eli and Rachel

again. tq everyone for wishing happy b'day.
*God Bless Us All*

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Food Coming!!

1st time to cook steam fish...
hmm... not bad...
doesn't have any funny taste...
juz nice...
mr tan didn't or give any comment about the fish i steamed anyway...

i give myself 85% for my new food!! ^^

ingredients :
-fish (the most important 1 of course)
-sliced ginger
-sour plum
-oyster sauce

walah.. the fish is ready to be served after it is cooked.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1 Week Break

another boring week break...
this time my week break gonna be a bit different...

not consider as boring as b4...
last time i stayed at home almost everyday a week...
either sitting in front on the com or watching tv...

well this time, im still doing the same thing but i add in more activities in this week break, like:
*continuing my bio research
*going back to library in college with 张楠these few days to study my math test
*cleaning the house
*study some more at home

ooh~~ everytime when holiday comes i feel like lazing around at home...
not studying for topic test... (maybe i'll consider of doing homework and complete my research, but not studying... pls...)

math B topic test 2 is juz right on my b'day that day...
what a coincidence ?? and a big "present" too. ==!!!
i can't have a bit of joy for the day b4 my b'day ...(cuz studying to be prepaid for the test next day... jeezz)
actually 张楠 even more hard woking...
she's going back to college everyday during this week break...
and as for me .. hehe.. im juz only the 三天打鱼,两天赛网type. (should learn more from her)

this month (month of March) gonna have lots of topic test coming right up for me...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Crime Case

Venue : College Library (THOL) at the "pigeon hole"
Time : 9.45am- 11am
Victim : Legna (aka Sum N.L.) my friend and another unknown person
Case Info: Bag is different position when she got to the "pigeon hole" (where students are suppose to put their bags b4 entering the library). Realize sth must have gone wrong. Like someone must have touched her bag. 2 wallet got stolen. A total of roughly rm1oo "fly fly away" including IC, Student ID, Library card, driving license L gone.. all gone.. good thing she bring in along her handphone and her pendrive along with her into the library that time if not i bet her handphone would be gone too. As for the unknown person, his laptop got stolen any how. Pity for him.

i understand how she fells that time... fells like empty inside...
with the whole wallet gone together with het IC and Student ID and other got stolen is like part of yrself dosapppear too. worse comes to worse when yr IC is gone or stoeln or anything, u still need to make a police report then pay again to renew a IC. This is damn troublesome.

last time, i was lucky enough that only my cash got stolen and not the whole wallet cuz my IC and Student ID are in the wallet too.
If they also took my IC away. then i still need to purposely fly back to kch and make a new one.
In the end, i need pay extra for the flight to and for.
Thank GOD..Thank GOD..

during lunch time, she was like cursing the theif!!! well, i join her too...
but didn't curse that serious. i can hear her keep cursing the thief "die die"...
that sounds too harsh... don't u think??

but later on, she sms us that she was informed that her wallet was found...
i dunno how and where did they found her wallet. (gonna ask her tomorrow)
The only thing is that her IC and everything are safe and sound in where they belongs to except for the money..
all the money are gone that's all.
i wonder whether she got back both of her wallet or only 1 wallet???

another reminder:
If possible never ever put yr bag in the "pigeon hole" of the library. Worse comes to worse.. bring along yr phone and wallet and anything u that precious.