Thursday, May 29, 2008

1 week Rest

yeah.. after eng paper and chemistry paper i finally can have a break... well, the the papers r quite hard actually. i did a big mistake in my eng paper during the test... how can i be so careless.... hope the examiner will mark my essay... hope the examiner won't deduct too many marks for my mistake... T_T my greatest mistake in my essay is... i forgot to write "Dear Editor" and sign off... haz.. what was my brain thinking that time? panic kah? how careless of me...@_@ btw, about my chemistry paper.. hmm.. i sort of can't finish in time not to mention about the checking through my answers.. the structure questions are a bit more easier than the MCQs.. i don't mean to say that im confident in scoring good grades in my structure section.. i only feel that i did better in my structure than my MCQs..

pray.. pray.. pray.. >O<

now that i got 1 week break.. soaring at home... what to do at home for 1 week leh... hmm... let me think 1st
-surfing the net
-watching TV

wow.. if i did all these 3 things everyday in that week break... i think i'll be fat.. hohoho...then my friend won't be able to recognize me when i go back to kch.. =P

actually i got more than 1 week break 1... but because of the stupid malaysian studies then i, we (same intake as me) need to go back to school..having what they call as "SPECIAL" class for malaysian studies.... give me a break... y still needto study for that? i thought i finally can get rid of history.. and suddenly "pop"out sth call malaysian studies... eeez... 3 weeks of malysian Studies leh... totally spoiled my holiday.. T_T

don't think about it anymore .. juz wanna keep my brain rest starting now onward before the classes start. V^O^V

Friday, May 16, 2008


well... after yesterday's chemistry trial test... i became kinda moodless today...i feel that im gonna fail this trial test... i keep panic there until im unable to think... i forgot how to sole the questions... i dead already ... leave me alone here... let me be rotten here...

so desperate
so down
so disappointed
so frustrated
haiz... i don have any energy left to concentrate myself in class as well as talking to my friends...

im like a
dead person
a zombie
an idiot
a person without any spirit like before i use to be

Rachel seeing me like that had tried to cheer me up...yes she did try lots of calling me zombie....tickling m waist (my waist is not my sensitive part, so i doesn't work on me)... consulting me...
but at the end, she succeed, u know how she did it... ya, that's right! by playing games with me.. a game without much thinking and juz answer whatever it comes to yr mind 1st. she kept asking me questions very fast that u r not allowed to think b4 u answer the questions.. even sometimes the questions may sounds weird... it 's quite fun. and she played pair up matching game called "FLAMES". well, it's quite fun though. and they all work make me feel better. ^^ thx ya

maybe next time when any of my friends feel upset i can use this method to cheer them up too...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lonely Mother's Day

waaaaa....waaaa...... i know it's kinda late to post this but... i still wanna post it anyway

uncle horse, ah mah,...all of them gone back to kch this morining... im gonna miss them and i don't want ah mah to leave me....T_T
and Mr Tan will be leaving the house this afternoon to kelantan.... he'll not be at home for 4 days!!! waaaa... im alone at home now!!!! i need some1 to accompany ... but who?? my imaginary friend? haiz... i watch the v programmes and it keeps talking about mother's day... makes me miss my mother even more nia... not to mention that im alone at home now ... ==!!!

although i didn't call mama that day (cuz she doesn'st want us to waste our money to make a call) , i really want to wish her HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY deep in my heart. well, i never wish her happy mother's day in front of her every year or give her anything special as a gift on mother's day but i really appreciate u mama.

it's a lonely night that day, im eating alone at the dining table... feels so... sad suddenly.. i burst into tears without any specific reason... maybe it's from the feeling of loneliness...

well, i got to be strong here ... i need to be independent now... u can do it SharRing....yes u can!!

* A Happy Meeting *

well, well, well. i received a fascinating message on saturday... u know how fascinating it is? well... hahaha... SeaWeed and i gonna meet on monday... and TODAY IS THE DAY!!! yipee!!!

it's been almost a month here and i haven't met any of my friends in kch...@_@ and i haven met SeaWeed (including the other girls) for almost 3 months !!! T_T now that i finally can meet SeaWeed ... and im so happy... thank you for giving me the chance to meet her today.. it's a great day for me ^^and SeaWeed, u finally got 6 days of holidays from the NS and u can come out here to KL to spent yr holidays... it's great for u too...

u haven change yet... except for yr new hair style ^^... but u think u're getting fatter and darker... well i don't think that way...
u have nice friends with u too... they're friendly... although i can't really rmb all of their names, i can still rmb some of their nicknames like cicak man, spiky or sparky ( i forgot), gun shooter and digi ( well... mostly r boys' nicknames ==!!!)

hahaha... it's yr 1st time at pyramid... so should bring u walk around in the mall lor. ^^ hmm... perhaps there's limited time so can't bring u walk around the whole mall... hope u enjoy some shopping there...

and it's the second time we played bowling together... not to mention that now we're playing at different environment with some new frens ^^ i never knew that im the highest score among 5 players... paiseh ah...=p actually after the movie i wanted to spend some more time hanging out with u but it's kinda late already so i got to go 1st... @_@

even though it's hardly for us to meet anymore... i wish u all the best ... miss ya and the rest of the girls.. ^^