Monday, June 30, 2008

Finally got IT!!!!!

yes!!!!! i finally got my result for my 1 semester this morning.. im so HAPPY...
*gave a big smile for myself*
*jumping up n down in the house*
*hands holding 2 pom-poms*
*open a champaign*
after several days of worries finally feels like sth being lift up from my heart...

some flash back....
the results gonna be released today (27 June) from 5pm... im so nervous... nervous till i cry when accessing to the websites for the reults.

like i said b4 on the previous blog... i don't fell like im doing well in my english cuz i didn't follow the format in the essay.. and the questions r quite difficult... as for chemistry i didn't manage to finish all the questions... so after the exam i was kinda of "break up" ...
that day, i couldn't access to the website to got my username and password in order to check my results... i tried several times.. and it kept showing me the same thing>>> "ERROR!!!" argh.. i wanna smash the PC that time... im too worried about it...

then i called Aunt Do n mum... they talk to me... thx for them.. after talking to them.. it fell better... i know they want to comfort me by saying " if fail nvm lor.. pay extra to start all over again. since the results is out n we couldn't change the truth anymore." but i don't wanna face the truth if i really fail.. but still need to be brave..


well then with the help of some of my frens.. they gave me the no. of the service desk to get my username n password... n telling me what to do.. so monday (which is today) i called the school early in the morning.

Year Unit code Unit title Teaching period Credit points Mark Grade

and this is my result.... yay V^o^V


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mission Complete__ Malaysian Studies

yes, sir!! mission accomplish! we have won the victory today! we should cheer for our victory!! "We r the Champion~~"

"Sir, let me report to u. It's like this. Today our troops went on a war to fight against our enemy, Malaysian Studies. The war took place at Sunway College, room 3.11. It was a holistic war. Luckily most of our troops r all well trained n some of our troops from the what so called "excellent team" fought with our enemy within 45 minutes. Our enemies had to change to fought back. Most of them were killed by us in the war n some who r lucky ran off to hide. But don't worry we already sent some of the soldiers to search for them and bring them back for u. It's fortunate to say that our soldiers r seriously injured. Some unlucky one got killed on the spot too. We would send their body back to their respective family. As for me, i think the level of the war is quite ok. Some of the army are so hard to fight against them but i've tried my greatest power and knowledge to win them. Not to worry about our soldiers sir. We r proud to be selected in the national service. Report is completed sir!! Thank you sir!!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rachel's B'day

Happy Birthday Rachel... i manage to think out what to give u on yr b'day. i hope u like the card i made for u. actually i completed making it this morning. last night was thinking what to give u. then i finally thought of it. and buy u a chocolate muffin for u as a small b'day cake. except there's no candle for u to blow off. hehehe...

btw, sry for spelling yr name wrongly in the card. cuz im used to spell Rachel with a letter 'A' in it ---> Racheal still glad that u like the card ^^ cuz i did it in such a short time limit.

actually the day b4 yr b'day, i went to pyramid wif Eli and wanted to buy sth for u as b'day gift. guess what? i didn't bring enuf money. after watching the Superhero Movie with Eli, i only got rm 8 with me. so i thought of buying u a chocolate muffin for u the next day. thank god i check my wallet 1st b4 i buy anything. if not, im gonna e so embarrassed.

wishing u having a belated b'day celebration with yr family tonight. God Bless u. ^^

Malaysian Studies starts from here

sienz..... 1 month of school holiday is broken up by this Malaysian Studies... can't have longer holiday...

i wanna be lazy at home
i wanna eat at home
i wanna sleep at home
i wanna sit in front of the pc whole day at home
in the end im gonna be a PIG at home hahaha.....

Malaysian Studies start from 9.30am till 12.30am ... 3 hours of lessons... sitting in the auditorium for 3 hours... freezing cold in there... HACIUW!!!! sry, too cold inside got a small sneeze hehehe...

i never thought that this course is as pressure as i thougth
*coursework 60% - which includes presentation and report writing . need to write min of 2000-3000 words in 1 report. we're doom!! luckily it's a group work. can help to each other to reduce some work. better than the individual work. but my group still facing some problems in out assignment given. GOD HELP US!!
*exam 40% - this is more lighter compare to the coursework. cuz the questions are objectives. should be easier i think.

the assignment given to us is:
Malaysia practices a system of Parliamentary Democracy. The 3 main bodies in the country's administrative system are the executive, the legislative and the judiciary, each with its own role.
In this context, discuss the meaning of 'separation of powers'. Why is it important to have a 'separation powers' among 3 arms of government?

by looking at the topic given, i already wanna pengsan.. so hard man!!

Malaysian Studies is way boring man. teacher is talking and teaching using the LCD and students is kinda free.
some playing with psp
some listening to songs
some reading magazines
some playing with phone
it's like studying history of malaysia again. the only difference is it's in english version.

oh well, after 3 weeks of Malaysian Studies im going to have 1 more school break b4 the actual 2nd semester starts. ^^ good luck in my Malaysian Studies.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

1st time to Puchong

wow.. im going to meet Aunt Do's fren today___Aunty Kuan Lai. i found out that she's a very friendly person.. hiak... 1st time i met her. and wen to have dinner wif her too. of course Mr Tan drove us to Puchong lor. =)

I realise that Puchong got lots of food to eat. Aunt K.Lai says most of the food there r introduced by the "好吃" programme on the 8 tv b4. most of the food stalls there are well recommended by the “好吃”programme. quite popular. juz 1 small stall and u can see lots of ppl queuing up to buy the food. and the stall are tightly packed wif ppl. she bring us to eat the 扳面___also introduced by the “好吃”b4. the noodles are popular by cooking it wif soya bean.. heard of it b4? it's noodles wif soya bean!! cool isn't it? but i haven tried it yet. and some noodles comes wif soup___ very spicy.. eat until yr head blows off. even yr nose got smoke coming out. haha... Aunt K.Lai introduce quite a lot of food there but of course didn't manage to eat all of them in 1 night lah.. will leave some of them on other day and bring her along again... ^^ lots of varieties lah.