Monday, September 28, 2009

Field Trip (doing sampling)

went for another field trip with mr tan and his 3 other friends today
today's hiking is more challenging than the one in F.R.I.M. ...
lots of big rocks and stones... no pathway to walk up (meaning we need to find our own way up ==!!! ) and more leeches too (according to mr tan and Chris, his fren from Australia), luckily we're all some from them V^w^V
i heard they say the place where they take samples is near Dr Cathy's house, well i have no idea about that. all i know is juz sit in the car and mr tan leads the way... muahaha

pictures time!!!

it's so hard to walk up these rocks.. luckily there's rope to help us up (sum1 must have purposely tied it there) ... after that no ropes be seen any more ==!!!

it's so hard to walk with so many big rocks

we found someone purposely put a bottle or perfume in the forest with rocks ... weird person

they're taking some sample of water and leaves

we see sth ..oh, i spot a camera!!!

Chris for Australia looks kinda like english version of PCK.. lol..
too bad that he didn't wear the yellow boots.
we all laugh so hard after he put on mr tan's construction helmet.
and all the car driver passed by looked at him =P

after we're done, all our shoes are soak.
sand enter even we're wearing covered shoes.
and my pants are wet until the knee part.
too bad it rain half way, so we cannot go further up to look at the lake.
so we get back to the car asap!!

tomorrow mr tan going to Kuala Selangor (peat swamp), i want to follow too but he say not suitable for me.. oh well, maybe juz take a day off then =P

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trip to FRIM

1st hiking trip in KL .... been so long here and this is my 1st hiking... weee....
i think at 1st mr tan scared to let me go... maybe cuz
he thinks he need to look after me? or
he thinks i might get bitten by insects like leeches?? eeewww....
forget about it .. nw that im really going to FRIM V^w^V

took some pictures there.. the forest is amazing...
the weather is fine.. it's good that it doesn't rain...
if it rains... juz shout "GO AWAY U UGLY, SLIMY LEECHES!!" then run
cuz all of them will come out chasing after human, searching for food (human's blood)
leeches= vampire's best friend =P

and i saw a leech...
its not as fat (or huge) as our thumb and ugly
the one i saw is thin but still ugly

1st stop.. the giant bamboo and everyone are fascinated by it ...

and they called this "sth- footprint" (ghost footprint if im not mistaken) cuz it shaped like a footprint

then took pictures of some plants and flowers

and mushrooms...

and mini waterfall

after that when to Megan's place (friend from Australia) to drop her off. and saw sth interesting on her food menu.

then laslt is HOME!!!
need a shower!!!

ps: more pic on facebook ^^ *smile*
next tiem if there's another hiking and mr tan is going and im free .. i might consider it

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

another failure T^T

i dun like lab session a lot.
bcuz.. either
fell so geram lah...
other than that .. everything is juz nice.

frm the 1st chm practical until the last one (total of 7 practicals) .. i can say is 60% of our data are wrong.
then ended up altering the results a bit here and a bit there, which is bad. =(

today is the worst, no to mention that we got a slight different results frm other groups again (as usual)
we don't have enough time to write down all our results. (the lab assistant keep shoo-ing us to leave and we didn't manage t make for the stats class ==!!)
*evil lab assistant*
everything seems to be rushing!!!
we written down the results for out raw data, handed in, BUT FORGET TO MAKE A COPY FOR OURSELVES!!! this is disastrous!! until around 4.30pm then we realise that.
asked from other guy, who did the exp together wif us (cuz he doesn't have a partner), he didn't copy down his results into his book. (but still good he did with us or else we don't couldn't even finish all th exp)
Rachel and i was like "WHAT?!" O_o
omg, this is bad... what to do? what to do?
then we need to try look for the demo to get out raw data. T_T
but then who knows the demo wasn't around cuz it's 5pm already.. they mostly went home already.

need to think of an excuse to get our raw data... hmm...
ok, how bout this :
"we need to check our results again cuz me and my partner got copied a different result."
how bout that?
would she buy this excuse or not??? eee...

don't bother , this is the last pratical for chem, either i screw it up or not.

p/s: thx rachel for the " 香饼“ u gave me...that's so nice of u ^^

Monday, September 21, 2009


哗。。。 太旧美协blog了。快又四个月了。

每个星期要完成marketing的submission, 完成两个lab report, 两三个online quiz (bio, chem, stats), l大楷两个星期前才完成bio essay (导致班上好多人睡眠不足, 个个都带着熊猫脸去上课)

现在是因为Hari Raya 放假,加上才做完marketing的submission, 才跑过来看看自己的blog。 写完blog后,又继续做marketing的essay了。这个essay和submission不一样。所以,加油吧!!! 干才跑去看海带的blog, 发现她也很少去邪不落了。。。 大家开始有忙碌的生活了。。。
哦。。。不!!! 我不要这样子!! 太辛苦了吧! 没办法。。 忍!!

在大学交到的新朋友比期再college交到的还多哦!! 还不错!

老实说,我有时候会有点不喜欢去lecture class.
有时会有点压力。。。因为班上有所位的“Star Student" 。。。 而他们又是自己的不熟朋友。
有时老是问问题他们几乎都会回答。。。 根本就是外星人嘛。。。 天啊。。

每次online quiz 时,尤其是bio, 都很紧张,因为有时间限制。(10 问题,12 分钟)虽然使open book, 但一开始做时,连东西没找到就是见到了 。 天啊。。。 根本就是连book都不用open嘛。
所以呢,这个时候就是“出外靠朋友” 的意思啦!!多人,多脑,快想,多手去google 答案.=P

考试快到了。。 。非常害怕。。。 为自己加油!!!