Friday, August 24, 2007


天呀... 我的假期是如此的烦闷... 有好几天一直走来走去,跑来跑去,赶来赶去... 就是为了seminar 的事情.怕没人载我去和回啦! 家里人又一个个没空... 真是个大问题 (不过还好去的成啦) ^^

sometimes teachet talk or teach too fast...hard to catch up lah...can't both of them just slow down a bit...(later too slow can't finish telling us SPM tips) hahaha....

假期里,嘴巴一直讲要学书...可是到了最后还不是老样子...讲讲而已就算了...肯本没有行动's always the same...i'm use to it liao lah... but i need to gambateh...all of us must kambateh...all of the form 5s must shout "+u+u" to yrself ....yeah V^O^V

Everything is Alright and Tomorrow will be Fine... << tv ="P

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

4 days of Seminar

oh man!! School Holiday still need to go for SSS ( Sri Sarjana Seminar) how come there's so many "s" words for it one??? hmmm... triple "S" words hahaha....
4 days for two subjects and each day 4 hours there not bad least can activate my brain a bit during this holiday....^^~
Chemistry and Physics....walei!! i saw some primary school friends there too... good thing that this seminar show up and allow me meet some primary school friends ... it's been quite a long time i didn't see them ler...the MBKS auditorium almost crowed man!! not to mention crowded's still very cold inside there...almost half of the participants inside there are freeze to "death" hahaha.... =p bring jacket also very cold...what would happen to those who didn't bring jacket??? hmmm....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bad News 4 me??

Guess what?? Today mum told me that uncle 4 (in Canada) already help me to register to study in CANADA!!! never mention that word in front of me.... C-A-N-A-D-A.... and don't even try to spell out that word in front of me...just call it "CND" that will do...
study in CND?? i'm not well prepared yet man!!...suddenly tell me this shocking news without asking me...u think i like it kah?? it's way too far...u know F-A-R = FAR!! study nursing there?? can i do nursing?? can i be a good nurse?? can i really do it?? can i? i'm so rude at home and school and nurse suppose to be like "girlish" ( well i know that i'm a girl) gentle and ... all the good things....=P haiz... what am i going to do now?? just wait for the time comes and i just go like this?? and say bye to all my friends just leave them like this? eee!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's August!!

It's August now!!! 2 more months b4 SPM liao T_T dunno what kind of feeling now.... perhaps numb...or maybe "can't wait to sit for SPM..SPM here i come!!!" ..... or "SPM is here scary" ...or maybe "SPM here then sit for it nia lor" <<< (bo liang bo jua) =p

After SPM then what to do leh?? Some of my friends kena NS leh... at least they got sth to do....go training and have fun there .... if i were chosen maybe i would be sad at 1st but soon maybe will be very qi dai for it ^^ i would like to join for the 1st kumpulan one....better.... hope they don't change (physically) after th NS ..hahaha... later all of them look darker or thinner or more serious.... T_T i dun want them to change...just be what they are now....

Heard a conversation between my aunt and uncle on phone that day.... they want me to go further study at Canada... u know....C-A-N-A-D-A!!! very far leh...and all ppl there are ang mo they speak excellent super fast English man!!! if i go there ...i will be like a "donkey" coming from a kampung area....T_T and i would unable to catch what are they talking about....blurish there.... in my opinion, i want to study at KL 1st lah (koko is there too , he can company me ma~)....then after i am able to suite the college lifestyle then go to Canada....<< me copy cat one =P

Hope everything will be more easier when time comes..... Good Luck to me!!! Go go SharRing u can do it!