Monday, September 28, 2009

Field Trip (doing sampling)

went for another field trip with mr tan and his 3 other friends today
today's hiking is more challenging than the one in F.R.I.M. ...
lots of big rocks and stones... no pathway to walk up (meaning we need to find our own way up ==!!! ) and more leeches too (according to mr tan and Chris, his fren from Australia), luckily we're all some from them V^w^V
i heard they say the place where they take samples is near Dr Cathy's house, well i have no idea about that. all i know is juz sit in the car and mr tan leads the way... muahaha

pictures time!!!

it's so hard to walk up these rocks.. luckily there's rope to help us up (sum1 must have purposely tied it there) ... after that no ropes be seen any more ==!!!

it's so hard to walk with so many big rocks

we found someone purposely put a bottle or perfume in the forest with rocks ... weird person

they're taking some sample of water and leaves

we see sth ..oh, i spot a camera!!!

Chris for Australia looks kinda like english version of PCK.. lol..
too bad that he didn't wear the yellow boots.
we all laugh so hard after he put on mr tan's construction helmet.
and all the car driver passed by looked at him =P

after we're done, all our shoes are soak.
sand enter even we're wearing covered shoes.
and my pants are wet until the knee part.
too bad it rain half way, so we cannot go further up to look at the lake.
so we get back to the car asap!!

tomorrow mr tan going to Kuala Selangor (peat swamp), i want to follow too but he say not suitable for me.. oh well, maybe juz take a day off then =P