Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mid Year Holiday

Mid year holiday is about 3 weeks... didn't go back to kuching... cuz umm... holiday is short??

ppl kept asking me:" y u're not going back to kucing during the holiday? don't u miss there and ur parents?"
errr... miss them doesn't mean that i have to go back to see them right? i know what im thinking... i talk to them on phone... but it's all boring conversation... so sometimes im tired of talking and the conversation just hanging half way. duuuuuuuuuuu~~~

The the first week of holiday: aunt and grandma came to visit...

The second week: went out wif friends and stayed at home watch drama series

The third week: help out for the orientation as a buddy... yes, i finally joined the orientation buddy. i missed out the previous semester buddy buddy... this sem i finally able to make it.. woohoo!!!

c, when everything comes together, i only have one week break... might as well dun go back huh?

the orientation is tiring lah... especially on the last day... MONOpoly day... phew...
used the whole week to do the mascot... made the hat from newspaper and cardboard, try on the outfit and makeup stuff...

they did all these things till night, i couldn't.. the latest i could help is till 6pm... sry guys.. need to go home early.

MONOpoly: need to run around the campus like a small little group of soldiers... poor thing Li Lian need to run around on the mascot... MAD!!! running around while holding the hat, cuz the hat is not secure enuf on her hat... :P

so the very next day... i think most of us are having muscle pain d... ==!!

i think if possible, im gonna joining the next orientation as a buddy again.. wakakaka... wonder where will be the next orientation bash be?? Genting! Genting!! Genting!!!