Saturday, April 26, 2008

Haiz... Test Back

aiyo... im so disappointed with myself. u know y? let me tell u y? this is y... i actually failed in my chemistry class quiz twice... this is so bad...
i fell that my heart got strike by sth sharp.. feel painful...
when i look back on my papers.. i actually can do the question.. bcuz of my careless mistakes again then i end up with a FAIL in my test. T_T i wanna burst out my tears...wawawa...
My class topical test also the same actually i can get about 70++% but i end up by scoring a 60% how can i do this to myself...
who can help me?!?!?!
only me can help myself??
but i've work hard... don't i work hard enough?
it's all bcuz of my stupid CARELESS mistakes again which made me end up like this!!!
I hate these careless mistake!!! :-
*press the calculator wrongly (eg. actually it's multiply BUT i press divide on the calculator!)
*didn't read the questions carefully
*too NERVOUS .. then can think properly even the simply writing of chemical and ionic equation!!) JeeZZ...

Tips for myself : read the questions carefully and DON"T BE NERVOUS when answering questions!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

college life (part 2)

now i have 3 quite friends in college.. they r all local in KL.. 1 is Rachel, 1 is Nga Lai and another 1 is Eli.. all of them r different.. hmm.. how should i put this??
Rachel- even though she's a chinese but she doesn't know how to speak mandarin. except for simplae mandarin. they say these ppl r known as "banana" (based on what Nga Lai n Rachel, "banana" r people who is a christian or chinese but doesn't know how to speak mandarin) she's trying to understand n speak mandarin... so would ask those who understand mandarin to teach her a bit. It's a coincidence, that we both taking the same course, taking the same programme, taking the same subjects n taking the same semester on the 1st day we met.... ^^
Nga Lai- she's a chinese too n she speaks mandarin. well, almost like me lor... sometimes might having difficulty in speaking english when we don't know how to translate the word we want to say in english... she's a smart girl... got straight A's in SPM oh...hehe.... but she's taking different subjects from us, except from the english in this semester. She's good in drawings too... especially drawing dragon monsters..^^ and put them all on Deviant Art___dragonlegna... keep up the good work ya... ^^
Eli- a malay girl. she nice.. n she wanted to be a psychologist ^^ her english is pretty good.. maybe i should learn from her.. "F.O.C." learning...hehehe...
we usually spent time together when having break.. chating about school's life, school's work, family, friends, funny things ever happened n even "scary thing"...

guess what?! we can actually loan movies like VCD's from the school library. cool huh? =P i watched a funny movie with Rachel in the school on monday... a funny movie. we have no classes that day cuz teacher not feeling well n the time is still early so we went to watch movie...=)

i never knew that some1 is still going celebrate my b'day.. cuz it's over already.. yap, she's the 1 __Rachel. She bought food for me as a late b'day gift. She bought me a sausage bun... it's not an original sausage .. it's like those western sausage bun that we watch ppl from the western eat that kind of sausage bun.. it's yummy... i should take a photo of it and upload here.. the problem is that i don't have a camera here...T_T she also bake some brownies (chocolate cake that is a bit hard) .. she baking skills is pretty good.. maybe next time she can bake some other cakes and bring it to school for us to try =P btw, she made a bookmark with my name on it too. ^^ well, i still never knew a friend that i juz know for less than a month will be this good... should appreciate a friend like this. All i want to say is "Thank you for your lunch n brownies. Glad that i know u here."

college life (Part 1)

it's been quite a long time i didn't up date my blog lor...hehehe...

1st i thought college life would be easier.. who knows it's tougher than high school life =P

now, almost every week i have quizzes on chemistry... then im going to have a topic test n practical quiz (on experiments) next week!!! today i juz have my other quiz on chemistry n a english test (expository writing)... i never know that college english will be this tough... the expository writing is not what we usually done in school during the exams. U can't write yr own opinion base on the essay.
It's like this:

-they give u some article base on the essay u r going to write.
-then from the article, u need to find out the points n put them in yr essay. (it's not that easy)
-after finding the points, u still need to paraphrase them (which means, rewrite everything with yr own words but the meaning must remain the same). Paraphrasing is a hard work, even those who r good in english also having problem with it, not to mention those who r not so good in the sub... if u didn't manage to paraphrase it, n u copy from the article, the essay will be consider as plagiarism.. even worst, students will be PENALIZED or EXPELLED from the school!!! can u see how serious it is?!

-every paragraph that have been written down must put in-text citation or else will be consider as plagiarism too... so bad
-beside, students r require to write minimum of 600 words in the essay in 1 hours and 10 minutes. hello?? my malay essay in SPM i only can manage to write about 360 words in 1 hour. =(

soon i'll be doing my oral presentation in my english class by using power point. and it's individual work. i don't like the sound of "oral presentation" when teacher says that. it gives me a ind of physical pressure or sth... this presentation also includes 15% of our exam. usually i did my presentation in school with friends, now i'll be alone standing in front of students n teacher. can u imagine their eyes all move to yr direction as u're standing in front of the class??? that's scary!! and u suppose to wear formal cloths.. like those ppl wearing in offices (black shoes with heels, black long pants n a blouse with buttons in front.. jezz...) it never wear heels b4.. i think im gonna look funny when walking with heels. T_T sia soi my face liao lar...

now i don't really like english class... super don't like...

how am i going to suffer this 2 years in college? especially in the english class? WHO CAN SAVE ME????