Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trip to FRIM

1st hiking trip in KL .... been so long here and this is my 1st hiking... weee....
i think at 1st mr tan scared to let me go... maybe cuz
he thinks he need to look after me? or
he thinks i might get bitten by insects like leeches?? eeewww....
forget about it .. nw that im really going to FRIM V^w^V

took some pictures there.. the forest is amazing...
the weather is fine.. it's good that it doesn't rain...
if it rains... juz shout "GO AWAY U UGLY, SLIMY LEECHES!!" then run
cuz all of them will come out chasing after human, searching for food (human's blood)
leeches= vampire's best friend =P

and i saw a leech...
its not as fat (or huge) as our thumb and ugly
the one i saw is thin but still ugly

1st stop.. the giant bamboo and everyone are fascinated by it ...

and they called this "sth- footprint" (ghost footprint if im not mistaken) cuz it shaped like a footprint

then took pictures of some plants and flowers

and mushrooms...

and mini waterfall

after that when to Megan's place (friend from Australia) to drop her off. and saw sth interesting on her food menu.

then laslt is HOME!!!
need a shower!!!

ps: more pic on facebook ^^ *smile*
next tiem if there's another hiking and mr tan is going and im free .. i might consider it