Saturday, February 14, 2009

*Happy Valentino*

wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day today
everywhere is full of hearts and love and sweet chocolates and teddy bears...
it's like love is in the air everywhere... hehe...

my college is like really freak out with the up coming Valentine's Day...
looking forward for the up coming Day...
Sweet Day for the couples
Joyous Day for the family
Single (or what i call as sth normal) Day of course for those who are single

almost everywhere in the college can see students setting up their booth selling Valentine's thingy or organizing some special Valentine's activities... like for example...
the most obvious one is selling Valentine's thingy like
teddy bears



things that comes with heart shape (lol)
(btw the roses is rm8 each, which is way so expensive!! and the price could be trice the normal one selling during non Valentine's Day)
some also setting up booth for ppl to write love notes and then stick it on the notice board provided for Valentine's
(isn't that sweet?? NOT!! ppl would know who is who!! unless u wrote it generally.. hahaha...)
also there's a Speed Dating activities going on in college.
i guess that's where u get to know other ppl and date with them at the same time.
given time to introduce yrself to other ppl then switch partner again.
(i don't get it cuz i was having lunch time =P)
what else??? let's c....
oh ya and the chocolate eating competition
now, that sounds more interesting
imagine those ppl who join it stuffing everything i mean chocolates into their mouth.. haha
that's real funny

who say's Valentine's is only a celebration for couples?? well, i guess no one says it. i seen an article on newspapers 2 years ago i guess... it says "没有情人的情人节也可以很幸福” which means>> Even though u don't have lovers u could still move forward on Valentine's Day.
u could still celebrate it with yr friends who are single.
the singles are still going to be united anyway. the singles rules!!! lol.

-----incoming sms from some friends-----
They love u but they are not your lover.
They care for u but they are not from your family.
They are ready to share yourpain but they are not in your bloof relation.
They are FRIENDS!!
True friendscolds like DAD.
Cares like MOM.
Teases like SISTER.
Irritates like BROTHER.
and loves u more than your LOVER!