Thursday, May 28, 2009

tHe dAy beFOre our fiNaLS

My MAths B Gang

"Snowman" n Miss Pang

Melissa , Snowman n Rachel (the innocent lamb)

are they trying to make an ET finger touch??


i look like their wall for them to lean on... hahaha

the cute ones

Snowman n melissa .. juz normal

what are they doing???
ballerina? headache? thinking? innocent look?

put your hands up and don't move!!

Snowman, Carina (the hyper1), Bee Shan (the smart 1), Rachel (the innocent 1), Melissa (the cute 1)

Long Time No "Write"

Since the last blog .. i haven't been blogging here for almost a month!!
it's not that i got tired of blogging or sth ....
i've busying" studying" for the topic test and preparing for the final exam... (it's not the im a nerd, studying all the time ok??=P i wanna have some fun too... @_@)
btw, college life seems to be getting monotonous now, what am i gonna write in my blog??

every day the same routine,
having lunch at the same place (thank God it didn't get to eat the same food for lunch every day.. phew... )
everyday doing the same work,
and almost every morning need to sneak in my backpack into the library, which makes me look like im smuggling sth illegal. ==!!!

well as usual the day b4 our finals, every one from our course are busy taking pictures.
It's like photo taking day with teachers ands friends.
I kinda like that kind of feeling in anyway.
watching ppl taking pictures here and there. snap! snap! snap!

last time, i feel like everybody is leaving college and going to uni..
and wanna join them but time seems to be running slow... need to stuck in college for another semester...
but now, when it's time for me to complete my college life.. it feels like wanna extend my semester, spending more time in college. im still in the college life in my heart. ^^
I know it's impossible to do so. We need to keep moving forward!! That's how human live until now!

actually few months ago, me and buddies are having a mix feeling. the feeling of confusion that cannot be explained in words.
well, we dunno whether it is to be HAPPY of going to Monash soon and starting to get WORRIED of the studies there.
and HAPPY that we're gonna graduate in no time or SAD that we're leaving college soon.

and another thing is Mr Tan said the course in want in Monash might not be good. so he suggested me to look for other uni. i was like ok~~
but the course is in Moansh.. should be good right.. Monash is a well known Uni, should be any problem with their course right. or it's juz rumours spreading??
who cares??
i wanna go Monash!
i wanna continue my studies there!
i dun want any other option like UCSI and ... (i dunno what's the name of another Uni)!!
i wanna be persistant of my choice!!
eventhough it's not good, im gonna work hard like a nerd!!

ok. i guess i can do it now... my confidence is being boosted up!!

thinking of this right b4 my finals is giving me a headache.
and this causes me having constipation for few days bcuz im stressing out already!!!
another problem had arisen, the Queen of my fanily suggested my to study overseas. well u know where it is lah.. the same old place that never been change.. that's righ---> CND again..
well, this time is not as "harsh" as last time already.
im juz telling her i'll think about that.
and i've checked that the uni over there doesn't really have the course that i want.
if i really going to study overseas. then i might make a second thought of the course.
or after i graduate from malaysia then i work overseas lor... unless the pay in malaysia is extreamly high then i remain here...
if not i might think of plan B. and the statement above might be my plan B... *thinking*
and this story will keep on repeating until the day i got married i guess... =P

nvm, im confident with myself and most of all, im confident of the course im taking.
prepare to face it "FOOD SC".. meet your worst nightmare, which is ME!!! muahahaha....