Saturday, December 15, 2007

*~Damai Trip~*

well.. it's my 1st time going out with frens and stay ovetnight outside with frainds too... after spm every1 is super high and happy now... i'm sure some of the form 5's will think that holiday is ---->boring~~ cuz too relax till nth to do =P

well.. we went to damai n stay there for 3 days 2 nites ^^ reached there in the afternoon n the afternoon is quite a long tome man!! the time seems passing so slow... zzz... some of the girls (me, wee, bsh, clc...) need to pretend to be tresspassers... due to the fact that too many ppl going and afraid that the hotel gonna charge us for over limited ppl. haiz... the girls already got their rooms ready but the boys... hehehe... still need to wait outside for the room to be cleaned up.

i can't get into the water those few days due to some sorts of "internal problem"<---- u know what in mean... the rest of the girls get ready to jump n play with water in the pool but the problem is.. dilarang oleh the safetyguard cuz.. didn't wear swimsuite mah~~ hahaha (weird last year vcl came, she wear T-shirt into the pool but the guard didn't say anything about them leh...hmm... ) so the girls go play at the beach lor building "sandcake" (Graduate!! ARSS!! SPM over!!)... the waves are quite strong i juz sit on the pavement looking at them playing nia... of course ..i also give them "some" hand on building the "sandcake" too ^^

the girls r wondering enter or not to enter the pool... hmm...

our "sandcake"

at nite we all gather together eating steamboat.. hohoho...eating all kinds of balls, like fish balls n meat balls. not enuf for us to eat lah.. i'm still hungry that time... once the food arrived u better take as many as u can.. (but not too many lah ) ...or else there is nth left for u when u wanna take again n u need to wait for the food to be cooked. mei tze got gastric that time.. i dunno what to do but juz watching her aside...haiz.. they even cooked beef...oh, man!! this is bad...totally bad!! i can't eat beef!! i can't offend my religion!!! some of us also can't eat beef lah.... thank god got frens company me...hehehe

steamboat .... yummy!!

after the steamboat, we all go back to our room.. i played UNO wif wee n mei tze...n i keep on lossing there =_=!! 10 times n i only won once =P who's the UNO queen there??'s Master Wee of course...^^ n i have no idea what's the rest r doing... well.. the boys sure enjoy themselves playing mahjong, wacthing DVD h playing ps lor.... jeezz...

wee n i having free breakfast... n i'm super full there...stomach almosr burst hohoh morning we, girls, sitting at the rock ...playing UNO cards there again... n listening for the waves n wind... blowing against us i didn't play wif them . juz sitting next to them watching them playing, playing rocks and drawing sth on the rocks nia...^^ afternoon... the waves became stronger than the 1st day we came... only wee n i came out from our room n the rest stay inside watching tv n sleeping i think... we walked to the higher part of the hotel it's dami resort hotel i think.. no idea about it =P n we play kite... the problem is ... our kite cannot fly high up in the sky ... cuz lee ching's kite is unbalance..n keep on falling to the ground.. other ppl's kite already fly high up in the sky lor.... the worst thing is... that lee ching n mei chee!!! they went home earlier...eee!!! y they like that 1?! ?!
2 ppl go home ..of course , we have more space to sleep now... that nite Seaweed's mood is not good... wee n i n meitze saw it... dunno what's wrong wif her?? we didn't ask her that much..i think mei tze knows what happen to her lah... wee n i think she's home sick lah.. dunno true or not...we're juz predicting

playing UNO cards on rocks...

last day... it's the time for us to go home...yeah!! most of the girls left earlier cuz they nedd to go for education fair at Hilton Hotel i think.. so the girls only left me, mei tze, jia zhen n twt... n the rest r boyz... make me feel uncomfortable nia =P we took phto together b4 we left n really say bye bye to evrey1 now T_T