Friday, December 19, 2008

Not a Chance

thinking of what hair style im wanna cut later...


argh... when it comes to hair cut i always have no idea about it.. mostly im going to cut it shorter only haiz...
y can't i have another kind of hair style??
1st reason : u might be regret of the result of the hair style
2nd reason: if u cut it too short then u can't tie up yr hair, then yr hair will be messy when the wind blows ==!!!
3rd reason: if u dyed yr hair, when new hair grows out, u can the the contrast colour of yr hair
4th reason: if y perm (dunno spelling correct or not), it doesn't mean that i like to let my hair down always. if i tied it up, it's meaningless for me to perm my hair. It'll be a waste of money.

so this morning, the only thing i did i only cut my hair shorter.
1 of the reason i have hair fall problem is bcuz my hair is too long already. ==!!
and now that it is short, i think it shouldn't be any problem anymore.