Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Master Piece

i've been drawing some pictures at home these few days...
mainly related to the theme: Fantasy& Supernatural
at the same time i can practice my drawings which i have "abandoned" since f3...
hmm... it seems that my drawings are still not bad after all...( i give myself 8/10 ^^)
satisfied with the black and white shading but not the colouring
having the feeling that i might ruin my drawings... i don't dare to colour them.. (will ruin roughly 80% of my master piece... no way for colouring)

Here are my drawings:-

This piece is a Chinese Flying Dragon.
i) Name : Chinese Flying Dragon
ii) Special ability :
-Breaths out fire from it's mouth eg. fire ball & inferno (temperature high enough to melt down iron metals)
-Super Speed with flexible tail to manoeuvre their directions and speed
-Hard Skin covered with hard scales all over it's body to minimise wound from enemy
-Sharp Fangs and Claws to kill it's rival less than a minute

Second piece is 2 different creatures. Left side: The Legendary Sea Dragon ; Right side: Chinese Flying Dragon
Left side:
i) Name : Sea Dragon ( Gemstanus)
ii) Speical ability :
- Able to control sea water eg. waves, tides and tsunami
- Breaths out strong water bubble big enough to trap its enemy
- Produce special seaweeds to allow creatures from the land to breaths deep in the water
- With it's flexible tail it can swim in high speed in the water, faster than any other sea creature
- Consists of sharp poisonous fangs at the end of it's tail to attack it's rival
Right side:
i) Name: Chinese Flying Dragon
ii) Special ability:
(same as the previous Flying Dragon but a smaller version one

Third piece, The Phoenix of The Wings. Two Phoenix flying together. (some drawing misunderstanding there, the picture makes it looks like the Phonis on the left is scolding the one on the right.. nvm..)
i) Name : Felcon (left), Feral (right)
ii) Special ability:
-With strong and wide wings it can fly as high as it want to be
- Both are able to transform into 2 fire wheels
- Sharp claws to kill its enemy
- Felcon can make sharp shriek sounds that causes deaf ; Feral can make sweet melody as medical purporses to cure wound but it's ability is limited

Last piece, from left to right, Guardian of Plant, Guardian of Fire and Guardian of Water
like what have been said,
i) Guardian of Plant: Penzzle
- controls every single plant on earth no matter on ground or in the water
ii) Guardian of Fire: Sannest
- controls all fire element
iii) Guardian of Water: Oslyn
- controls all water element; sea, ocean, lake, ponds, river etc

yeap!! i drew all of them. hehehe... i drew them while helping in the factory... hey, i actually can multitask.. cool~~
sometimes bored at night nth to do then took out a piece of paper... draw again...
my drawing is my soul,
keep going on and on,
the growing never will stop
(hmm.. what makes me think of this phrase) yay!!