Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! 4 Christmas

that' s right... Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let my Blog snow for 24 hours 365 days!!! im not going to remove the "snow" in my blog for the rest of my blogging... hehe... (well.. i hope i can do what as i said)

i really really like it snow... even though i have no idea how does snow actually feels like or looks like... i think it's going to be nice ^w^ soft, white and gentle weee....

one day (in the future or my other century
), i must experience places that snow. b4 that.... i need to eat lots of fatty stuff or where thick thick cloths or else i'll be freeze to death =P choi! choi!

how does celebrating Christmas really feels like?? i don't only mean like seeing everywhere putting up and selling X'mas tress
or having X'mas sales everywhere or giving out and exchanging presents or seeing "Santa Claus" giving out free sweets to little kidz or sending X'mas chained messages or.....

i dunno... what am i trying to express here??

maybe bcuz my family or ppl around me doesn't really practice this "celebrating X'mas" thingy or having X'mas mood... so i couldn't feel the real X'mas atmosphere usually those Christians practice this
celebration right? im not sure about that for what i've known. Rachel seems to have this practice... go for X'mas shopping... having X'mas tree at home well decorated

i know, i know, Christmas is a Joyous celebration. With lots of love and warmth arround.
Gathering together... eating yummy things... and "Santa Claus" too... (i can describe this cuz i've seen all this on tv ==!!!)

im not trying to make Christmas terrible... im juz trying to feel the real joy and happiness of having Christmas around... i believe one that that particular feeling and mood will come to me...

but i like the decorations and ornaments and pic
tures and poster for X'mas... they're all nice ^w^ (now that whether i already can feel the X'mas mood or am i juz giving myself more confusions... haiz...) anyway, here there are... X'mas!!!