Monday, December 1, 2008

A Leakage In Our Friendship

Gonna have a gathering wif the gals tonite at Isabella's ( ermm.. im not sure where it is.. juz simwhere near the day dream cafe) ... ^^
anyway, im so excited... weeeee.... long time no see gals...
*keep sms-ing each other before the meeting*c who else is going*
CLC: who is going tonite?
TPI: not sure woh... are u going? CMCgoing?
TPI: err.... tonite i go over yr house at 7.30pm then i foillow u to Isabella k? i dunno where is it... =P
BSH: ok.. u phone me b4 u come..em..vck not going.. wee n cmc u ask them rite?
(oh ya, that day i told CMC when we met coincidentally at everrise nad wee already know about the gathering)
TPI: ya.. but i dunno whether they're going or not...
BSH: wee know the place?
(didn't reply... i think she knows the place.. she's sort of get the idea where the place is...)
CLC: is Karen going? Maggie not going.
(oh ya, i totally forgot about Karen... sign)
TPI: i didn't ask her... *actually i dunno her contact no. * u ask her loh
(oh man, maggie and vck not going... well, that's not the worse yet.. at least 4 of us are going)
CLC: Oh, I ask loh
CLC: How are u going?
TPI: im going to BSH's house at 7.30pm then i follow her to Isabella's
CLC: U drive?
TPI: no lah... my aunt drive me there...
PWW: are u going?
TPI :yes. how bout u?
PWW:how are u going?
PWW:when depart, i go to yr house and pick u. when go home, can u send me home?
TPI : my aunt can send me there, but i couldn't send u home cuz it's inconvinient for me... =(
PWW:nvm lah... im going... hahaha
sms ends here

ok.. now that i know probably 4 ppl are sre going and 2 ppl are 101% not going.. ok.. still not bad

now finally at Isabella's... a relaxing what BSH said : "good for friends gathering" totally agree wif that... it's nice and cozy.. maybe they should hire a fortune teller there... haha

this is the worst part... suddenly BSH told me CLC is not coimg cuz not feeling well.. (aiee?? this afternoon she sounds ok when sms-ing, now suddenly not feeling well? or she juz wants to find an excuse of not going?? forget about it)
few mins later, incoming msg... PWW:im not going anymore... now im outside. (what?!! another not going?? now 6 ppl reduce to only 2 ppl!!! what's going on??)
i thought this would be a farewell gathering for BSH b4 she left to KL and i juz came back from KL as a friendship gathering...
heartless ppl... im kinda disappointed with that *sign*

fine... nvm.. juz 2 of us.. order some drinks there and chat along.. haha.. didn't chat this long already...thinking of the thing we did in high school made me laugh into tears only lol

when my mum know there's only 2 person attended the gathering.. she said our friendship woudn't stay long.. im kinda convinced by that.. and it sounds true too... anyway i'll juz let it be


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海带 seAweed said...

woaw~ who's the one leaving that msg?! eherm,i felt disappointed also but i believed that the person didn't attend that night might have there own reason...don't so cares for the friendship things lo

My little small World ~小小世界 said...

one word from the owner --->>> "mian~"