Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of 2008; Welcome 2009

It's the last day of 2008 now, an hour to go b4 the new year (2009).
Well, they usually says a new year is a new start, and everything happens to start over a new life.
Sometimes, u need to agree of that; Sometimes, u feel like not agree with that.

I've been listening for radios these few weeks. The DJs kept reminding us about the year 2009.
As new year is coming,
-Have u done everything that u need do in 2008?
-Have u completed everything in 2008?
-If u haven completed it, don't push it till the next day. Cuz once things have been accumulate, u'll gonna have more work to do in 2009.
-Have u tell sth that u want to tell to yr family members, friends or partners? well, tell them fast b4 it's to late to wait till 2009.
-Have u solve things that need to be solve in 2008? Find a way to solve it ASAP, or seek for someone's advice for more help. This would reduce more problems and in yr life. Don't push it years after years until u got white hairs. =P

All these months in 2008, i've been thinking quite a lot of things and made quite a number of decisions in life.

b4 my results is release, ive been thinking of wha tcourse should i take in Uni.
and the course that i've took is better a good help for me in my future, and the most important is that i like it. ^w^
from nursing to somwehre more to science side.
ok, these are the course that have been pop in my brain b4,
~interior design
~food science and technology
in the end, i made my choice to take food science and technology. but there's a possibility that im going to change it again somehow. hmm...

My decisions have been changed over a pass few days b4 especially in the beginning of the year 2008 after i got my SPM results.
A decision that has been made to further my studies after m
y SPM. From studying overseas to studying in the country.

This problem has been bothering me for quite a weeks.
With all the financial support, shelter, school, distance from hometown, Visa, language, level of academic from other places,
discriminations and so on.
I've been thinking all this.
This had made me quite a moody person for quite a few days.
I've been
desperate and exhausted by these things.
I feel so lost suddenly. Lost somewhere in Space with no directions.

In the End, in quite a short time with a short thinking, i chose to stay in this country.
Study in
Sunway University College, which i am now. b4 that, i ever made a decision to study in CND, and i've send over my school fees.
It's quite a large amount of money.
According to the terms & conditions of school fees, i
thought i couldn't get back my money any more.
Thank God, they approve my letter of apology of unable to make my study there.
the money has been returned safe and sound. ^w^
That's quite a harsh decision for me, and
i've changed it in such a short mean time.

Sometimes, i juz feel like i don't have the faith to visit CND.
It's been my 3rd time that i almost going to visit that country.
But everytime it juz falls to a disappointment.
Sooner, i
juz feel like giving it up.
Even though i kept comforting myself that one day
i'll be going there.

then i go to Sun-U.
and i chose to take MUFY (a.k.a. Monash University Foundation Year), which is the most expensive course there. i didn't know that until i took the programme after a few days later. ==!!!
It's the mostly possibility to get approve by the Monash Uni, and Monash has the course that i might want to take. btw, Sun-U and Monash are the closest college and uni from where im going to stay.

and i met Rachel, Nga Lai and Eli in Sun-U.
These 3 are my close friends in Sun-U.
Coincidentally, we took the same number of semester, afraid that it would be too hectic for us to take 2 semester as we're the accelerate intake.
Now, i could c some of those who took 2 sem are quite busy and sometimes some of them don't even have free time for their lunch.
The Good thing is they graduate earlier than us.

then everything goes on day by day.
with assignments to do,
presentation to work out,
research to carry out,
charity to raise,
extra boring subjects to take,
result to receive.

juz like this and i've spend about 8 months in KL, never go back to my hometown for 8 months.
At home, i juz
clean the house,
wash dishes,
cook for lunch and dinner,
online surfing the net,
waiting for some relative come over to pay a little visit.

then went back to hometown in the November.
met wif some frens and helping around in the factory.
at the same time also will thought of my degree.
mama asking me to try looking for scholarships.
well, ok~ i'll try.
but won't it be too late for me to apply for scholarships as my SPM results has been released for so long already. plus some of their requirements is so HIGH!! ==!!!
and also she suggest that maybe i could try to take double degree.
and i was thinking about that too.
would it be too pressure or what?
but at the same time, it might be useful too.
i don't mind taking double degree if i have to.
the problem is juz the finance, and afraid that i coudn't catch up everything.
well, as u know double degree is like double the work and double the fees. Everything goes double.
taking double degree is not that bad too, as the other one can be used as a backup.
still thinking about it.

and today, it's the last day of 2008, have i done whatever that i should have done in this year b4 it goes to 2009??
i've tried to make my life as happy as i could already.
and i think i've done my best to make a colourful page for this year (2008).

wait, b4 i end up everything. there's an incoming msg from Wee. typing: