Sunday, June 1, 2008

1st time to Puchong

wow.. im going to meet Aunt Do's fren today___Aunty Kuan Lai. i found out that she's a very friendly person.. hiak... 1st time i met her. and wen to have dinner wif her too. of course Mr Tan drove us to Puchong lor. =)

I realise that Puchong got lots of food to eat. Aunt K.Lai says most of the food there r introduced by the "好吃" programme on the 8 tv b4. most of the food stalls there are well recommended by the “好吃”programme. quite popular. juz 1 small stall and u can see lots of ppl queuing up to buy the food. and the stall are tightly packed wif ppl. she bring us to eat the 扳面___also introduced by the “好吃”b4. the noodles are popular by cooking it wif soya bean.. heard of it b4? it's noodles wif soya bean!! cool isn't it? but i haven tried it yet. and some noodles comes wif soup___ very spicy.. eat until yr head blows off. even yr nose got smoke coming out. haha... Aunt K.Lai introduce quite a lot of food there but of course didn't manage to eat all of them in 1 night lah.. will leave some of them on other day and bring her along again... ^^ lots of varieties lah.