Thursday, May 29, 2008

1 week Rest

yeah.. after eng paper and chemistry paper i finally can have a break... well, the the papers r quite hard actually. i did a big mistake in my eng paper during the test... how can i be so careless.... hope the examiner will mark my essay... hope the examiner won't deduct too many marks for my mistake... T_T my greatest mistake in my essay is... i forgot to write "Dear Editor" and sign off... haz.. what was my brain thinking that time? panic kah? how careless of me...@_@ btw, about my chemistry paper.. hmm.. i sort of can't finish in time not to mention about the checking through my answers.. the structure questions are a bit more easier than the MCQs.. i don't mean to say that im confident in scoring good grades in my structure section.. i only feel that i did better in my structure than my MCQs..

pray.. pray.. pray.. >O<

now that i got 1 week break.. soaring at home... what to do at home for 1 week leh... hmm... let me think 1st
-surfing the net
-watching TV

wow.. if i did all these 3 things everyday in that week break... i think i'll be fat.. hohoho...then my friend won't be able to recognize me when i go back to kch.. =P

actually i got more than 1 week break 1... but because of the stupid malaysian studies then i, we (same intake as me) need to go back to school..having what they call as "SPECIAL" class for malaysian studies.... give me a break... y still needto study for that? i thought i finally can get rid of history.. and suddenly "pop"out sth call malaysian studies... eeez... 3 weeks of malysian Studies leh... totally spoiled my holiday.. T_T

don't think about it anymore .. juz wanna keep my brain rest starting now onward before the classes start. V^O^V