Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mission Complete__ Malaysian Studies

yes, sir!! mission accomplish! we have won the victory today! we should cheer for our victory!! "We r the Champion~~"

"Sir, let me report to u. It's like this. Today our troops went on a war to fight against our enemy, Malaysian Studies. The war took place at Sunway College, room 3.11. It was a holistic war. Luckily most of our troops r all well trained n some of our troops from the what so called "excellent team" fought with our enemy within 45 minutes. Our enemies had to change to fought back. Most of them were killed by us in the war n some who r lucky ran off to hide. But don't worry we already sent some of the soldiers to search for them and bring them back for u. It's fortunate to say that our soldiers r seriously injured. Some unlucky one got killed on the spot too. We would send their body back to their respective family. As for me, i think the level of the war is quite ok. Some of the army are so hard to fight against them but i've tried my greatest power and knowledge to win them. Not to worry about our soldiers sir. We r proud to be selected in the national service. Report is completed sir!! Thank you sir!!"