Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rachel's B'day

Happy Birthday Rachel... i manage to think out what to give u on yr b'day. i hope u like the card i made for u. actually i completed making it this morning. last night was thinking what to give u. then i finally thought of it. and buy u a chocolate muffin for u as a small b'day cake. except there's no candle for u to blow off. hehehe...

btw, sry for spelling yr name wrongly in the card. cuz im used to spell Rachel with a letter 'A' in it ---> Racheal still glad that u like the card ^^ cuz i did it in such a short time limit.

actually the day b4 yr b'day, i went to pyramid wif Eli and wanted to buy sth for u as b'day gift. guess what? i didn't bring enuf money. after watching the Superhero Movie with Eli, i only got rm 8 with me. so i thought of buying u a chocolate muffin for u the next day. thank god i check my wallet 1st b4 i buy anything. if not, im gonna e so embarrassed.

wishing u having a belated b'day celebration with yr family tonight. God Bless u. ^^