Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Malaysian Studies starts from here

sienz..... 1 month of school holiday is broken up by this Malaysian Studies... can't have longer holiday...

i wanna be lazy at home
i wanna eat at home
i wanna sleep at home
i wanna sit in front of the pc whole day at home
in the end im gonna be a PIG at home hahaha.....

Malaysian Studies start from 9.30am till 12.30am ... 3 hours of lessons... sitting in the auditorium for 3 hours... freezing cold in there... HACIUW!!!! sry, too cold inside got a small sneeze hehehe...

i never thought that this course is as pressure as i thougth
*coursework 60% - which includes presentation and report writing . need to write min of 2000-3000 words in 1 report. we're doom!! luckily it's a group work. can help to each other to reduce some work. better than the individual work. but my group still facing some problems in out assignment given. GOD HELP US!!
*exam 40% - this is more lighter compare to the coursework. cuz the questions are objectives. should be easier i think.

the assignment given to us is:
Malaysia practices a system of Parliamentary Democracy. The 3 main bodies in the country's administrative system are the executive, the legislative and the judiciary, each with its own role.
In this context, discuss the meaning of 'separation of powers'. Why is it important to have a 'separation powers' among 3 arms of government?

by looking at the topic given, i already wanna pengsan.. so hard man!!

Malaysian Studies is way boring man. teacher is talking and teaching using the LCD and students is kinda free.
some playing with psp
some listening to songs
some reading magazines
some playing with phone
it's like studying history of malaysia again. the only difference is it's in english version.

oh well, after 3 weeks of Malaysian Studies im going to have 1 more school break b4 the actual 2nd semester starts. ^^ good luck in my Malaysian Studies.