Monday, May 12, 2008

* A Happy Meeting *

well, well, well. i received a fascinating message on saturday... u know how fascinating it is? well... hahaha... SeaWeed and i gonna meet on monday... and TODAY IS THE DAY!!! yipee!!!

it's been almost a month here and i haven't met any of my friends in kch...@_@ and i haven met SeaWeed (including the other girls) for almost 3 months !!! T_T now that i finally can meet SeaWeed ... and im so happy... thank you for giving me the chance to meet her today.. it's a great day for me ^^and SeaWeed, u finally got 6 days of holidays from the NS and u can come out here to KL to spent yr holidays... it's great for u too...

u haven change yet... except for yr new hair style ^^... but u think u're getting fatter and darker... well i don't think that way...
u have nice friends with u too... they're friendly... although i can't really rmb all of their names, i can still rmb some of their nicknames like cicak man, spiky or sparky ( i forgot), gun shooter and digi ( well... mostly r boys' nicknames ==!!!)

hahaha... it's yr 1st time at pyramid... so should bring u walk around in the mall lor. ^^ hmm... perhaps there's limited time so can't bring u walk around the whole mall... hope u enjoy some shopping there...

and it's the second time we played bowling together... not to mention that now we're playing at different environment with some new frens ^^ i never knew that im the highest score among 5 players... paiseh ah...=p actually after the movie i wanted to spend some more time hanging out with u but it's kinda late already so i got to go 1st... @_@

even though it's hardly for us to meet anymore... i wish u all the best ... miss ya and the rest of the girls.. ^^