Monday, May 12, 2008

Lonely Mother's Day

waaaaa....waaaa...... i know it's kinda late to post this but... i still wanna post it anyway

uncle horse, ah mah,...all of them gone back to kch this morining... im gonna miss them and i don't want ah mah to leave me....T_T
and Mr Tan will be leaving the house this afternoon to kelantan.... he'll not be at home for 4 days!!! waaaa... im alone at home now!!!! i need some1 to accompany ... but who?? my imaginary friend? haiz... i watch the v programmes and it keeps talking about mother's day... makes me miss my mother even more nia... not to mention that im alone at home now ... ==!!!

although i didn't call mama that day (cuz she doesn'st want us to waste our money to make a call) , i really want to wish her HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY deep in my heart. well, i never wish her happy mother's day in front of her every year or give her anything special as a gift on mother's day but i really appreciate u mama.

it's a lonely night that day, im eating alone at the dining table... feels so... sad suddenly.. i burst into tears without any specific reason... maybe it's from the feeling of loneliness...

well, i got to be strong here ... i need to be independent now... u can do it SharRing....yes u can!!