Saturday, April 3, 2010

Out whole Day??

im being asked to go out wif CC.

cuzzzzzz... she doesn't allow me to do my report on saturday when our mid sem break juz started??
or she wants me to make use of this time to look for a present for Mr Tan's B'day???

deng~ <--- this does not have copyright, i can use it as many time as i want hohoho...

A: what to buy for MrTan?
B: no idea.
here comes a double "deng" ... deng deng ~~

B: buy a fruit cake for him lah... hahaha
*A hits B, cuz Mr Tan also buy fruit cake for B's b'day*B no idea what kind of cake MrTan like*

A: what are the things Mr Tan need now?? bag? tie? pen? bla bla bla???
B: he need Vitamin cuz Mr Tan too skinny
here comes a triple "deng" ... deng deng deng~~~

shampoo??? * B got another hit from A cuz of choosing a shampoo as MrTan's present*

Tie? NO. Mr Tan doesn't use tie. HE only use it for interview.
Pen? NO. Mr Tan doesn't bring pen along. and he might lose it .. nah...
Bag? he choose his own bag.
Wallet? nah... i think even u buy him a wallet he's still use the old one. already build up a bond with his old wallet.

OK!!! maybe T-shirt?? but what's his size?
a super "deng" coming up... deng deng deng deng~~~~

this one or that one, y so susah one??
suan le... pick the "M" size. Mr Tan so thin should be able to fit in lah... i even try on it. swt. ==!!!

after that, went for makan at Full House...

wah... Full House so nice leh...

they sell things inside the retaurant too...
and i ate set meal of the Spaghetti, mushroom soup, ice lemon tea and a dessert. wee...
which cost me rm 16.90

but very full...
CC couldn't finish her drink. she macam drank a quarter of it. ==!!!

after that, follow CC friend to 1 Utama to wach the world pillow fight...
then she finally bought the formal shoe that she wanted so much from Camel Active.