Thursday, April 8, 2010

went to KLCC all of the sudden

dunno y juz agreed to go all the way down to KLCC to watch movie with CC n Mr Tan.

and also Jasmine, Yumni and May Li too.

may be cuz Mr Tan is going as well...
or i promised CC long ago we'll watch movie together...
or i myself miss watching movie in the cinema ??

the girls wanted to have a movie marathon (2 movies at together) while Mr Tan goes to meet someone else at somewhere else.
And Mr Tan going to join in for the second movie
but the movie time doesn't match well. so ended up watching one movie only with Mr Tan
watched Clash of the Titans

very interesting movie
about some sort of Roman God like the Zeus, Hades and bla bla bla
i like Pegasus <<>

then CC had a spontaneous plan of giving Mr Tan a b'day surprise at Mahanttan Fish Market.
went to buy a Tiramisu cake for him...
It was a successful plan after all. Mr Tan didn't suspect anyone of us. hurrayyy!!!!

the next day is going to be Mr Tan's b'day... i passed him his present at midnight... hope he can wear it lor...