Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back Home~~

im already back home for about 3 days already...

all the things seems the same.... nth seems to change much... except for some ppl at home @grandma fall sick seriously... couldn't walk by her own and didn't eat much like b4 when she's healthy ... only able to sit up, lie on bed and sleep again.. well she eat less *at least she eats a bit*
@those little kids also fall sick.. fever.. it's like a disease on after and another.. 1 of then got cirit-birit and another 2 got fever... *i was wondering they're having fever but how come they still look so energetic, running around at home like wild animals* well it's hard to understand what children are thinking about.
@accusation arise at home ---->> $$$ (u know what i mean) well.. i don't really like to talk about it.. it's very sad and feel ashame to know it...

ever since i got home.. i haven't met papa... *sign* dunno when can i go back to no.521 and eat dinner wif him.. u know since grandma is sick now.. it's hard for me and mama to go back .. cuz need to take care of her.. if we go back whose gonna take care of her???

and i do the usual thing lor... stay in the factory.. roll the plastic rolls..

anyway, i hope grandma gonna get well soon then she can go to KL like b4 and pay a visit of me and Mr. Tan. Grandma, don't keep saying those useless words about yrself. u gonna get well soon. *pray* Oh God, give grandma the strenght to stay strong and recover from her sickness.