Friday, November 14, 2008

Out wif frends!!!!!! the day after the exam!!! and the day im going out wif frends...

im so happy.. it's the 1st day im coming out if frends in KL.. but only to pyramid of course...the nearest place..

1st stop-watch movie of course (as what we've planned on msn the night before.. hehehe) as we're considered as the early birds we got rm8 per ticket without using the student card.. yay! (normal price would be rm11 lah)  Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa, here we come!!! it's so hilarious movie! A good movie to release stress after all the exam. well recommended.. *thumbs up x10*  "i like to move it move it! she like to move it move it! we like to move it move it!" *singing out of tune*  hehe...


2nd stop-waffle time!!! went to "waffle world" and ate chocolate waffle wif ice-cream on top. yummmm.... *tongue ticking out and saliva keep drilling non-stop* it so full for one piece of waffle...even Dragonfly couldn't finish hers.. but still nice.. worth it


3rd stop-there's no stop here.. we juz wandering around in the shopping mall ... talkiong here nad there and took some pictures.. then met Kelly (from chem class) in the toilet.. asking her to take pic of all of us.. then there's weirdo appear.. when Kelly is taking of us (Nga Lai, Rachel, Eli and me) a guy stood behing Kelly and looking at the pic she took for us... he looks perverted is a way... i feel kinda wanna hit him when he does that... we don't even know him!!! and Kelly is unaware that the perverted guy is watching us taking pictures... Argh!!!







4th stop-everyone goes home already. and i still need to go to Jusco to buy some groceries then when i come back then i don't have to rush for all those things... ^^

well... it's kinda of an interesting day .. i guess... hmm...  

and Uncle K.H and Aunt S.C got home just few mins after i reach home..^^ it's a right timing anyway  hahaha  *praising myself* *like this also wanna praise... what an idiotic move* ==!!!

p/s.. i sure raely come to write down my blog here.. it's kinda busy last few months.. anyway i'll still try my best to drop in this that happened around me even though it's already few days or months over. Gambarimasu!!! (meaning  i will do my best!!!)