Sunday, March 21, 2010


boooya!!! it my 20th b'day d!!!

this time i got a b'day surprise from my friend in uni at the staff lounge... woopeiiii!!!

This was how strategies worked on that day (i guess):
1) go to meet Dr. Siao regarding the report for FST 1800
2) Rachel recieved a call from one of the gang saying she left sth at the staff lounge
then she asked me to accompany her there to get her things
*everything juz seems to be normal to me*juz planning to head home after class*
3) she also says she wants to show me a table that can rotate to me in the staff lounge
*im curious to see the table too*
4) when i got there... actually everyone was already hiding at the other corner
turn around the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"
it was so "wow!!" that time ^^
thet're all so sweet...

thx to meaghan and lilian for coming over even though they don't have class on that day

i like the cake with strawberryyyyyy... especially the strawberyyyy ^^
yours too CC...

opening present is fun... wondering what's inside it...
b'day is always the best!!!

had three different cakes in a day feels so good <3>
one chocolate cake from friends in uni; one blueberry cake from CC and one fruit cake from mr Tan.. that's so nice ^^

another fruit cake of the year from Mr Tan...
too bad CC cannot eat it cuz she allergic to kiwi fruit... :(

cake from CC (looks almost same as the chocolate cake i had in uni)

Birthday is always the best day...
thx, mr tan, carol, CC, rachel, jia jiunn, dennis, theresia, lilian, meaghan, wahid, felicia....and others (which i did not mention inside here)...