Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lesbian vs. Gay

*2 girls liking each other
*one is more feminine and another one is more "Manly" (i'll consider it as tom boy-ish)
*can be aggressive towards other
like to get close to the one they are "interested" even though u keep avoiding her.
she'll probably talk as if she's a man.
eg. when she saw yr picture, she'll say "u have a nice body." sth like that. perhaps it's kinda hard to imagine when u read from here. seriously, it'll give u goosebumps!!!
*she admire u as if u're part of her life.
*maybe even when u talking to other girls and acted like good frens, she also can be jealous of that.
*more interested in girls than guys. mostly they treated guys as their buddies.
(the above are base from what my fren told me)
the way lesbian acts can be different from a normal girl.

*obviously, they can be very sissy
*more particular of their look than the girls
*acted like their a "princess in a flower" (eww... this making me sick)
*when they actually saw guys, especially those who are more muscular. their true self is revealed.
(the above are what i think about them plus some of my frens thoughts)

for girls maybe they'll prefer to have a fren of a gay than to be with a lesbian...
obviously it's true.
i mean which girl would want to stick around with a lesbian... unless she's on of them too. *yucks* maybe the guy won't having problem hanging around with a lesbian cuz they won't worry that the lesbian gonna attack them one day. lol
besides, gay is like half of their brain is a guy and half of their brain is girl. so they understand both guys and girls. and girls can talk to them easily and the gay understand them.

for a guy... im not sure whether they're ok with a gay or not...
but im definitely sure most of them won't be.... hmm.. how should i put this?? i think won;t mind to have a lesbian as a fren.

well, i never tell any of my frens that i knew someone who changed his sex to a women.
btw, he's consider as one of my relatives too... not a close relatives... it's like my father's brother's wife's sibling. quite far ya...
"she" a very successful "women" and very high educated too...
somehow.. i kinda admire "her".
i even eaten and drank some recipe "she" created for enhancing human health. One of the things that i drank is Chlorophyll, which is nice. it's not that i need to work out any photosynthesis or sth...
"she"'s a professor and a doctor too... c i told u "she"'s very high educated already.
somehow, i kinda admire "her".
admire "her" bravery of changing "her" sex".
admire "her" of having high education.
admire "her" bravery of not to bother what other ppl might think about "her" as not normal.

i'll address "her" as Dr. Chung J.S.
bcuz u don't have a choice ever since u came to this world...
then this is yr path towards yr future...
to be able to face the reality with determination and bravery...
to face the hardship with a strong and clam thoughts...
even though u're abnormal in the beginning but now yr success have proved to everybody...
that yr choice is right way to lead u towards happiness...
you deserve to be a "women" ... hurray for u ^^