Friday, April 11, 2008

college life (Part 1)

it's been quite a long time i didn't up date my blog lor...hehehe...

1st i thought college life would be easier.. who knows it's tougher than high school life =P

now, almost every week i have quizzes on chemistry... then im going to have a topic test n practical quiz (on experiments) next week!!! today i juz have my other quiz on chemistry n a english test (expository writing)... i never know that college english will be this tough... the expository writing is not what we usually done in school during the exams. U can't write yr own opinion base on the essay.
It's like this:

-they give u some article base on the essay u r going to write.
-then from the article, u need to find out the points n put them in yr essay. (it's not that easy)
-after finding the points, u still need to paraphrase them (which means, rewrite everything with yr own words but the meaning must remain the same). Paraphrasing is a hard work, even those who r good in english also having problem with it, not to mention those who r not so good in the sub... if u didn't manage to paraphrase it, n u copy from the article, the essay will be consider as plagiarism.. even worst, students will be PENALIZED or EXPELLED from the school!!! can u see how serious it is?!

-every paragraph that have been written down must put in-text citation or else will be consider as plagiarism too... so bad
-beside, students r require to write minimum of 600 words in the essay in 1 hours and 10 minutes. hello?? my malay essay in SPM i only can manage to write about 360 words in 1 hour. =(

soon i'll be doing my oral presentation in my english class by using power point. and it's individual work. i don't like the sound of "oral presentation" when teacher says that. it gives me a ind of physical pressure or sth... this presentation also includes 15% of our exam. usually i did my presentation in school with friends, now i'll be alone standing in front of students n teacher. can u imagine their eyes all move to yr direction as u're standing in front of the class??? that's scary!! and u suppose to wear formal cloths.. like those ppl wearing in offices (black shoes with heels, black long pants n a blouse with buttons in front.. jezz...) it never wear heels b4.. i think im gonna look funny when walking with heels. T_T sia soi my face liao lar...

now i don't really like english class... super don't like...

how am i going to suffer this 2 years in college? especially in the english class? WHO CAN SAVE ME????