Monday, January 7, 2008

Horse Horoscope (2008)

Luck does mot look promising with much obstructions, wealth drops and students face challenges in their studies with much problems. You feel left behind so work extra hard and reduce outdoor activities and games. Pay full attention to your studies for good results.


Those born in year of Horse are subject to changes this year and these include shifting house, traveling afar, changes in position or switching jobs which bring about difficulties on adaptability, new opportunities may be discovered.

Those born in year of Horse are advised to stick to routine and to stand firm. Other than working hard, they should improve human relations and reserve room for retreat in case of setbacks. They should not be involved in speculation or partner with others in business to avoid financial disputes or loss of wealth. There is a lack of human relations and benefactors, and to avoid trouble from malefactors, they should carry out jobs on their own. Gossips are also indicated which may result in loss of wealth and injuries. Expenditure may exceed budget, so cut down on unnecessary entertainment and keep low profile. Listen to the advice of others and relinquish your subjective sense of judgment. Mix around with others and your luck will naturally turn for the better.