Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's August!!

It's August now!!! 2 more months b4 SPM liao T_T dunno what kind of feeling now.... perhaps numb...or maybe "can't wait to sit for SPM..SPM here i come!!!" ..... or "SPM is here scary" ...or maybe "SPM here then sit for it nia lor" <<< (bo liang bo jua) =p

After SPM then what to do leh?? Some of my friends kena NS leh... at least they got sth to do....go training and have fun there .... if i were chosen maybe i would be sad at 1st but soon maybe will be very qi dai for it ^^ i would like to join for the 1st kumpulan one....better.... hope they don't change (physically) after th NS ..hahaha... later all of them look darker or thinner or more serious.... T_T i dun want them to change...just be what they are now....

Heard a conversation between my aunt and uncle on phone that day.... they want me to go further study at Canada... u know....C-A-N-A-D-A!!! very far leh...and all ppl there are ang mo they speak excellent super fast English man!!! if i go there ...i will be like a "donkey" coming from a kampung area....T_T and i would unable to catch what are they talking about....blurish there.... in my opinion, i want to study at KL 1st lah (koko is there too , he can company me ma~)....then after i am able to suite the college lifestyle then go to Canada....<< me copy cat one =P

Hope everything will be more easier when time comes..... Good Luck to me!!! Go go SharRing u can do it!