Wednesday, February 21, 2007

He's going back...

Oh boy, he is on his way back to KL now. Think he's in the plane now. Doing what? Watching the beautiful dark sky? sleeping in the plane?? or maybe listening to his MP3???
This time he comes back with lots of chocolates and a gift for me. A gift that he won't ganno gift me after I'm 12 years old.....T_T

One day, we're walking in the park.
He ask me "Have u planned what u want to do after yr form 5?"
I thought for a while, but my answer is "Dunno. Haven't thought about it."
He says, next time after yr form 5, do the things that u like to do, don't because of money then u go and do it.
That time, I don't quite really understand what is he talking about.....
But I just say "ok" to accompany him.
Maybe after being nagged by someone(mom), he feels uncomfortable in his heart so he try to express how he feels inside him to me. I've been a good listener...hahaha
Well, maybe I'll understand what he's trying to tell me in future.

Now that he's in the plane, back to where he was and we cannot eat together during "chap go mei", just wish him good luck and be successful.

Thx bro. Although u didn't tell me that u care for me and talk to me impolitely, I know that u really care for me.....It's just only that u don't know how to show it out....


海带公爵 said...

you brother such a good guy..and you muZz appreciate him
have he choose the one he like..?
i mean have he do the thing he like right now?
ps:chocolate is bringing by your brother Oo..why you dint tell me..izzit the one i have seen?
---turn to silence mode---